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    Hiring CSS Assistant

    Guys I’m hiring a CSS assistant. Somebody who can transcribe my prolific posts, respond to media inquiries and answer my hundreds of DM’s. Desired qualifications for applicants include bachelors degree from Ivy League School, minimum 4.0 GPA, and minimum four years of Honors. Starting pay is...
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    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas CCS! I’m so grateful for the following things: 1. My orange Ferrari. 2. My 10/10 wife. 3. My 17,000SQFT mansion in Lincoln Park. 4. My French Yorkie-Poo Maltese, Squirt. 5. My $20,000 Sub-Zero fridge filled with Code Red and frozen Crustables. 6. The resurrection of Drops...
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    Replacements for Eddie Jackson

    In light of Eddie Jackson’s season ending ankle injury - who do you suggest we pick up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Get it out.

    Get it out here. Let's keep all of the same threads here. Cry away all
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    Anyone else glad they found a cure? Man, a lot of people died from it. RIP Tom Hanks in Philadelphia. Go Bears! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Reacquiring Slauson

    Many long time CCS posters remember the brilliant OL play of Slauson of Nazareth. In light of Kyle Long’s injury - who better to fill in than the Holy One himself. Hope Pace does whatever he needs to do to bring Slaussy back. Could be the missing piece to a SB run. Sent from my iPhone using...
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    RIP Omlette

    Sadly Ommy lost his 28 year battle with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome on Sunday August 6th at 11:41AM. Many remember him by his thoughtful posts, rotting teeth and bad breathe. Yes he had chronic gingivitis, but the guy was hilarious. At the time of his death he was surrounded by, well, no...
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    Jurco: Floyd One Concussion Away From Being Hunter Hillenmeyer

    After Leonard Floyd said it took him two months to recover from his second concussion, Jurco on ESPN1000 said yesterday he's one concussion away from being Hunter Hillenmeyer. Waddle then mentioned the cumulative effects of concussions and how a second concussion taking two months to recover...
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    Keith Law Says We Might Acquire Greinke

    Keith Law today said Zack Greinke might end up with the Cubs before the dead line. He was awful last year but he's dealing again. I believe he's 33 years old in the second year of a 6 year/$206M deal. So if we get him it would be like 4.5 years/$157M. Thoughts?
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    Pace Delivers Death Sentence to Bears Organization

    Last night, Ryan Pace delivered a Death Sentence to the Chicago Bears organization. After a catastrophic FA failure, he followed it up with an even more catastrophic opening draft night -- leaving us a shell of a franchise that may not recover for multiple decades. We currently have gaping...
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    End of The Dynasty

    While obviously its tough not to be both stunned and heart broken at the humiliating beat down Nashville has administered -- much like the Bulls in 1998, I think we can all look back and be grateful that we witnessed such spectacular championship hockey. It was such a pleasure to watch and to be...
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    McPhee Is On Weight Watchers

    Pernell McPhee said he's down 25 pounds today when he won the Ed Block Courage Award. Not sure the status of his degenerative knee but him losing a few pounds should help a lot. Let's hope we can get 10+ healthy games out of him this year. McPhee is a high impact player when he's healthy and on...
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    WINCITY vs RYAN PACE: Better GM?

    Who do you think would be more successful as GM of the Bears? WinCity or Ol' Pacey Boy? I honestly think WinCity and it's not even close. Look at his mock drafts. The guy can e-scout with the best of them. Mean while Ol' Pacey boy's big moves are Kevin White, Erroneous Grasu, Antrelle Rolle...
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    Year Three: Sanchize to Drops Bellamy!!

    Wow here we are in Year Three and Ryan Pace has assembled a juggernaut offense that features Mark Sanchez, Drops Bellamy and Kenfail Wright. A CCS poster could assemble more offensive talent. Unfuckingreal. Anyone remember when Pace got rejected by the first five FA corners he targeted? Then...
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    Ryan Pace's 2017 MOCK DRAFT

    So my buddy is a custodian at Halas Hall and two nights ago during the night shift he realized Ol' Pacey Boy left his office door unlocked. He was able to catch a sneak peak of his big board and take a photo with his flip phone nokia. Last night when we meet at Decatur's The Gathering event, he...