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    2021 NBA Free Agency

    I would stand pat for 2020. I think the only guys you may consider signing this off-season are Christian Wood and Derrick Jones, Jr.
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    2020 Draft

    Assuming the Bulls stay still at #7, who would you like to see the new leadership pick? There should be some interesting options at our pick. My top three choices are Killian Hayes, Onyeka Okongwu, and Devin Vassell. My 2nd round targets are Paul Reed, Elijah Hughes, and Desmond Bane.
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    2021 NBA Free Agency

    They should try to make AD their #1 target. However, I doubt he’ll seriously consider them. So, Giannis should be their main guy. Then, they should have Dinwiddie and Oubre as secondary options.
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    Jim Boylen would be "Blindsided" if fired Several key Bulls players have made the case to move on from their coach, so they are leaning toward starting with a new coach of their choosing and moving on from Boylen once a...
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    Jim Boylen would be "Blindsided" if fired

    When Karnisovas and Eversley meet and get to know the players, they will ask how they feel about Boylen and the players aren’t going to sugarcoat it. We already know how they feel about him. He’s good as gone. The last thing the new leadership needs is to get off the wrong foot and keep him in...
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    Adam Schefter: Bears not expected to pick up the 5th year option on Trubisky

    His play so far doesn't warrant his option to be picked up. If he balls out, then franchise him. If not, move on and pick a kid next year.
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    OL in 2020

    I think it's pretty much a given that QB and OT are going to be the first two picks next year. At OT, we should be keeping an eye on Penei Sewell, Walker Little, Liam Eichenberg, Samuel Cosmi, Alex Leatherwood, and Alaric Jackson. At QB, we are probably out on the Lawrence and Fields sweepstakes...
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    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 2 IGT***

    Gotta love seeing Delpit and Winfield go right after Kmet.
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    Draft thread Mims, Gladney, and Winfield Jr. go past 43. Delpit, Reagor, and Hamler go past 50.
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    Draft thread

    Take that deal and trade back one of the 2nds, and I’m a pretty happy camper.
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    Hooker on trade block

    Doesn’t he play the same type of game as Eddie?
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    Draft thread This mock is interesting. There are some good players going a bit later than expected and I would love if the Bears could capitalize. For example, he’s got Shenault at 55...
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    Does Lauri want out?

    I’m sure Lauri won’t be the only player who will express their displeasure about Boylen towards Karnisovas.