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    Montgomery - 101 yeards 44 points
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    Going to week 1. Anyone ever been in section 143?

    My boys and I had 142 row 1. While it was nice to be close to the field, it is better to be upwards of rows 10+ to see better. We got 242 this year to the Lions game so I am curious how those will be. Either way, its always great to go to a live game!
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    Looking for 3 tickets!

    Im wanting to take my 2 boys to the game so Im looking for 3 tickets if anyone couldnt make it and wants to sell. Im coming from Southern Illinois so I am trying to get them secured tonight. Yes, I have tried seat geek and the others but I rather use the money I would spend on ticket fees to...
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    Guess the press conference

    We will get to hear the same old bs from the coaches and players after this loss: Its only 2 games into the season, still a long way to go. We did some good things we just need to execute better. The young guys had some good plays. Long: We have to keep #6 off the ground...
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    Interesting read about Sitton and..

    how pace was looking at CB's in free agency.
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    Harvin to the Jets???

    Profile summary Close Jay Glazer TWEETS FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS 11.2K 98 681K User Actions Following Jay GlazerVerified account @JayGlazer NFL Insider & MMAthletics Co-Founder ÜT: 34.072426,-118.400527 · Brad Biggs Nate Collins Chicago Bears Ian Rapoport Followed by Brad Biggs, Nate...