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    Pace has lost his mind!

    Awesome signing.. To the people that are bitching about this, you guys are more depressing than the Wuhan Virus..
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    Bears sign OLB Robert Quinn 5 years 70 million

    so let me guess!! everyone loves pace all of a sudden for the time being..
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    In case anyone cares Chase Daniel to the Lions

    good riddance!! i can not thank the lions more... he can go throw his horrendous interceptions like the one he did against raiders in detoilet!
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    More Mitch Hate

    Here comes the speech police.. 👮‍♀️
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    Packers and the refs

    I saw this video last week and makes me livid! 😡🤬😡🤬
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    Question about Chicago

    You can go to top of Willis Tower, Navy pier (u can see that famous fountain from married with children at the park from there lol) wrigley field, shedd aquarium those are the places I went to when I visited.
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    Would you be interested in trading for Derek Carr

    Didn’t saints win like 4 games with bridgewater? I know what u mean tho cause bridgewater ain’t all that. It was just a good saints team overall.
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    Lamar Jackson overrated?

    Yup Mitch is better with the protection that Baltimore gave Jackson :p
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    Can we bring back replacement refs

    just for the Seattle and fudge game? Hell, bring em back permanently cause they can’t do any worse than a the current losers.. I feel with the saints out that these bastards have a clear path to the Super Bowl.. not cause they are great(far from that) but because of their paid off refs and...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Vikings (That's A Wrap Edition)

    Just a typical packers fan attempt at humor!
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    LMAO at this offense.

    Still trying to wonder why this piece of shit Leno still started this meaningless game.. and why do these dumb injuries always seem to hit our best players and shit garbage like Leno and others are healthy? So frustrating this season was!
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    If Ryan Pace gets fired on Black Monday

    Exactly thanku bro! Been saying this every damn time that I stopped because neither you or I are gonna change the minds of some foolish people!!
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    Should Nagy be fired?

    Krapperdick, Goff, Prescott, Carr.. want more?
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    **Official** Week 16 IGT

    Lucky Vikings!! where were our free fumble gifts from the fudgepackers? And “rare Rodgers interceptions” my ass!! He is one lucky son of a bitch that other teams keep dropping the interceptions or call a flag to bail him out.. he should have around 12 picks thrown
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Chiefs (Gotz 2 Stay TRU 2 Mahomes Edition)

    Nah, but they would have calles it on the bears if they grazed Rodgers helmet..