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    IST: White Sox at Cubs

    It's less about the Sox (who have an insanely fun lineup) and more about the Cubs. This offense, for the most part, has been dreadful so as soon as they get down, it feels like it's over. Is it reactionary to think that way? Probably, but that's just the feel this team gives me
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    IST: White Sox at Cubs

    Never once did I give up on this team!
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    IST: White Sox at Cubs

    I hate the fact that the Cubs are down 2-0 and it just feels like it's over already.
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    IST: White Sox at Cubs

    If I have to watch another strikeout looking, I'm going to gauge my own fucking eyes out... jesus!!
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    IST: White Sox at Cubs

    God this team can be so fucking terrible to watch for stretches at a time.
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    2017 draft do over.

    I draft Mitch again! BOOM
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    Bears trade for QB Nick Foles

    Foles is a good fit for what they want accomplished this year: Push Mitch, give him a short leash, and have a guy behind him that can come in and actually play. My only issue is giving a 4th for him. That's way too much.
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    More playoff teams expected under new CBA

    I'm not the biggest fan of the concept. A lot of 6 seeds are pretty average as is most years
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    Bears sign CB Tre Roberson (CFL)

    This signifies that Prince is done. I like what I saw from Tolliver last year , too. Hopefully they can get creative in getting a SS so Jackson can go back to FS
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    Breaking News: Kobe Bryant Dead!

    Awful news. Only 41 years old and his daughter was 13. Fuck man
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    Biggs: Changes at ILB

    I watched him since he was drafted. His sideline to sideline speed is still awful. Straight line speed is good, and that's why he's good on blitzes and in the run game. I've been posting all season, so I didn't come out of the wood work and start talking, dickweed.
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    Biggs: Changes at ILB

    This has probably become a hot take, but I don't want Kwit as the starter. He played well for 4 or however many games, but he's still slow and bad in coverage. Good run stopper and an awesome backup, but I can't imagine him having anywhere near the impact over a 16 game season as he did this...
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    Record next season

    This message board does this every single year. Every year we get our hopes up and talk ourselves into how good the Bears will be... We know what this team is. We see what the QB is... but what if he can take the leap? What if Nagy watches the film and makes some adjustments? The defense sure is...
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    Should Leonard Floyd be moved to middle linebacker ?

    Didn't we try this with McClellan?