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    Nagy: I cannot stump Kmet regarding the playbook.

    I saw a few plays like that. Kmet can run like a truck and force LBs to finish the tackle. You can't half ass it against a guy that wants to hit you harder than you hit him. Compare that to Shaheen, who ran like a newborn giraffe and fell after contact every f'n time
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    Mason Fine Flying to Chicago for Tryout

    I do not care how we get any player, of he is on the team and steps up our game, then I simply don't care if he is a first rounder or UDFA. I hope he'll be a Fine addition to the team
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    Nagy: I cannot stump Kmet regarding the playbook.

    In this offense, he only needs to make three catches a game to be a fantastic rookie season. That's my threshold of success; get open and make three catches.
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    Nagy: I cannot stump Kmet regarding the playbook.

    Great, I'm excited for the guy. I hope he is ready to contribute week 1
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    Breaking News: Aaron Rodgers is lame in the sack

    I sure am glad that we all know that now.
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    Big fan of Denmark. I'd move to Copenhagen without second thought.
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    Bears home games even more of an advantage without fans

    Are pigeons still allowed to land on the field? If so, we will continue to have a home field advantage
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    ESPN predicts Hall of Famers on present teams

    Too bad we don't have Josh Bellamy anymore. He is certainly a lock, as is Mack. Eddie Jackson has the talent we just gotta see him play for a few more years before I'd be that confident.
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    Opt Out News and Rumors

    The bears starting QB is always an on-topic convo
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    Opt Out News and Rumors

    I was fairly intoxicated for that Superbowl, but I honestly don't remember a good defensive play happening until the 4th quarter.
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    Does this picture of Jaylon Johnson concern you?

    When pick 43 came around, I wanted Pace to run to the podium to pick Johnson. I was ecstatic when he lasted to pick 50. Saying that I have high hopes for him is an understatement.
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    Amazing Gesture By Mitchell

    Dude I know. I write letters to my grandma (she's in her 90s and stuck in an assisted living community, so she doesn't get to see a face all day), and other than that I will write notes in Christmas cards. It's a lost courtesy. It feels like something matters more when you put pen to paper and...
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    Ok, Goldman is out. Who fills in for him?

    Goldman and Hicks together give our edge rush so much help. He's not an easy talent to replace, even if his successes go under the radar. But health is more important than sports. Hope he stays healthy in the meantime and comes back next year ready to win!
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    OT: Jamal Adams to the Seahawks

    Its similar to what we paid for Mack. if they keep him for his entire career, its probably going to be worth it in that conference
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    Record Prediction and Why

    13-3 The only QBs that can reliably beat our defense are Brady and Rodgers.