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    Does this picture of Roquan concern you?

    Definitely has a bigger midsection than his rookie year. Kinda looks like Briggs tummy his last year or two. Training camp should be able to get 15 pounds off from that middle, but S^^t, why didn't he stay in better shape, is the real question
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    NFL Cancels All Preseason Games

    I think I read somewhere that they want to at least do conference games ... Six games then ?
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    O/T: TO races Tyreek Hill, runs mid 4.4s hand-timed 40 at 46

    Wow !! 46 years young and fast as fu**
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    OT 10 year deal for Mahomes

    Paying someone over Half a Billion ? .... More than 500 MILLION dollars, just seems absurd to me. I know that this is their reward for future destruction of their body and possibly mind, but, when men and women go into battle and are killed, they are compensated one millionith of that amount...
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    Linemen Alex Bars on His Own to Secure Roster Spot

    Hopefully the Patriots 'knew somethin' and now we have him to develop into a starter This Year
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    49ers Runningback Raheem Mostert requests trade

    Dude came on great for 9ers last season and definitely needs to get paid better than a special teamer
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    Cutler DOES CARE !!

    PBR was the first thing I ever drank
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    Sad but True

    I fell about the same in regards to this stat and the stat about the BEARs having the worse QB production since 1967 of All NFL teams.
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    Cutler DOES CARE !!

    We are dealing with Covid while he is dealing with murder He seems pretty shook up about the breakup Part 1 & 2 go over his plans and appreHENsions OOOPs, didn't see...
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    Castillo Says "It's not about plays" Get er done Juan
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    Breaking Down Adam Shaheen

    hahahahaha "Baby Gronk"
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    Slowest teams

    What about the Oline speeds ? Seemingly this should correlate to a Ground attack Apparently this isn't an important aspect to them. .... Something besides receivers is helping the Packers Patriots and Rams make up for their "slowest" times.
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    Kyle Long comeback? "I'd wait for a new staff."

    Let's see which different front office i can convince to extract a contract from, before I wind up finishing the year on IR kinda Kyle Long comeback
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    Eddie Pineiro v. Ramiz Ahmed competition may be interesting

    He came up short on his 63 yard attempts. Big Deal. Hitting a FG from that distance would only happen in a desperate situation. He has a hang time of around 4.2 seconds and about 7 deep in the endzone on kickoffs I wonder how that compares to Eddie