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    Can you find the camel

    Sounds like you need to man up and see the camel
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    Pineiro has a knee injury - questionable for Monday night

    Nobody will be reading this thread after the game.
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    Cast Iron Cooking

    Man up and build shelves in your basement for em.
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    Mitch getting a lady friend ruined him

    @msadows did u know u can delete your own threads on xenforo?
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    Bears: a Cinderella story?

    Most people here have you on ignore because you are always so mean lately so nobody is really seeing this.
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    Bears: a Cinderella story?

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    Is Ryan Pace a racist?

    @msadows mad af per usual
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    Hanging a heavy bag again advice

    My heavy bag was hung in my basement from the solitary steal I beam but I walked along it so how do I hang it from the joists without ****ing up my house?
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    Favorite Cologne

    15 years later I do have issey miyake in an underwear drawer.
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    Official "420" thread

    Srs. I asked a couple of questions and then two hours later I had the answers but felt less informed than when I started.
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    🚨 PATRIOTS Release Antonio 🅱️rown 🚨

    I think it would be less rapey for them if it was more transactional.
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    Official "420" thread

    I will never understand either. I spent 2 hours today listening to very passionate dude about his process. Gets things tested for impurities and any growth enablers throughout his harvest and end process just to create a perfect thing for the end user. It is insane to me how far weed has gone...
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    🚨 PATRIOTS Release Antonio 🅱️rown 🚨

    Some girls get paid after they get raped, some get paid less?
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    Mitch getting a lady friend ruined him

    Let me aware u. Fat Upper Pelvis Area