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    1st O td of the season will be...

    Paterson, start of game kick off of week 1 to the house !!
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    Sean Payton has coronavirus

    Pandemic is the numerical spread not the severity of the illness, this was brought to Europe by chinese students before they thought, do you honestly think China told us the truth, no, we have had 6 deaths of old people in my tiny parish (220 households) this winter before they announced this...
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    Sean Payton has coronavirus

    Italy is a poor example to model on, it has highest % of old people in europe and came in 31st in the Global Health securityindex you guys were 1st we were 2nd. Global Health Security Index
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    Lions sign Nick Williams

    If they cut loose A'Shawn Robinson, it'd be a good tit for tat swap.
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    Best Value Free Agent QBs

    Isn't this an oxymoron?, as if they are available then they aren't good value!?
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    I don't feel good about this game fellas

    Sit in a darkened room hugging yourself whilst rocking to and fro humming a show tune. You'll feel right as rain in no time.
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    If Roquan plays Sunday

    Plays like an all pro fulfilling his responsibilities in the scheme .
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    I laughed, Hicks with the Queens guard

    He's a Yeoman Warder or Beefeater, someone I served with is one.
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    Without looking, What do you think the weather in London will be?

    The wings of the chicken were the bit we fed to the ferrets when I was a lad, feathers and all. Never been able to see beyond them as animal feed.
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    Without looking, What do you think the weather in London will be?

    It won't be they have a new fangled pitch system where the grass soccer pitch splits in half lengthways and slides under the stands to expose a 4G pitch specifically with better sight lines for NFL.
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    Thoughts and Observations Week 4

    Majority opinion everywhere but in Oakland