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    Maddon or the Players? Who regressed and who improved under Maddon?

    Yeah it was hard to add Happ to progression because of the sample size. Would love to see him play everyday next year and see if he really has arrived. When I refer to regression I mean not coming close to their AA/AA production.
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    Maddon or the Players? Who regressed and who improved under Maddon?

    For the record, a few days ago, I thought it was a bad move to fire Maddon, so I hope this OP doesn't imply that I wanted him fired. But after a few days I started to hear more reports about Maddon and started to change my mind about his coaching abilities. So I hope this doesn't come off as...
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    Maddon or the Players? Who regressed and who improved under Maddon?

    This seems to be some basic logic, but if a team fires it's manager for not getting the most out of it's players, then why does the front office want to trade away one of its core? It doesn't seem to be a logical move to blame a manager and then trade a player(s). I could understand it being...
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    Perfect Off-season?

    I don't think they trade any of these: Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Baez, Contreras. Heyward is not tradeable because of contract reasons. Hoerner will handle second base. That leaves Happ/Almora as the trade chips, what can be had for them is up for debate.
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    Prevent D: Good or Bad?

    Yes prevent is a smart tactic. The best defense is having little time on the clock and limit the other teams play book.
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    Now that the season is over

    This isn't going to be popular but if we are going to trade someone it ought to be Baez. I don't think his current success is sustainable and combined with his high K rate and low walk rate, once he regresses it will be dramatic. Right now you can get a haul of young pitching for him. If you...
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    Halas Hall apparently concerned with Mitch

    In our case it made sense to draft a project. The Bears weren't ready to be SB contenders the day he was drafted. It is also not like Mitch is bad. Pro Bowl selection in the NFL do matter as 2/3 of the vote are players and coaches, and he was 4th in the NFC last year. And when considering...
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    Halas Hall apparently concerned with Mitch

    I think people are forgetting that we drafted a project. This is Pace's MO for draft picks up until Roquon. White, Floyd and Mitch all were guys that came into the draft known they would need work and time to become their potential. Floyd is just now hitting his stride in year 4, albeit it is...
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    Dan Durkin from the Athletic breaks down the Bears offense

    Sure seems like Nagy is the primary issue here.
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    Analysis: Breakdown of Trubisky's and Nagy's shortcomings in the opener

    I understand trying to lay this on preseason as the primary blame here, but one needs to look to last year and the rest of the NFL this year to see that there is little correlation. Last year we played great in the first half of the opener, this year just the opposite. No correlation there...
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    ESPN: Bears to start 0-3

    What makes this really stupid are two things: Using Preseason as an indicator - We didn't play any starters for the most part THey did 2000 simulations and instead of taking the average outcome of the simulations they grabbed one simulation and used that. This was obviously just picked for...
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    2019 PFF QB Rankings

    In the context of which he is graded this makes sense. Mitch left more big plays out than most other qb's. This doesn't mean he was the 26th worst QB it just means that he was given more opportunities to make big plays than other QB's and missed out on them. That just reeks of an experience...
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    Kris Bryant

    Kris Bryant is the best player on this team. Stupid thread.
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    Roster Projection: QB, RB, WR

    Wasn't Hall already cut this morning?
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    Emanuel Hall- He gone

    It seems to be he wasn't practicing and not fitting what the Bears want, work ethic wise.