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    New Blackhawks skin is live!

    Me too. Nice work. Thanks!
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    Thank you! Thank you! Better lucky than good!
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    That year was BRUTAL!! Patriots started slow and got damn near everybody.
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    2019 CCS Annual Pick 'Em League ... (Winner gets a PRIZE)

    In again.. lets see if i can fuck myself by trying to be too cute in the playoffs... again
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    2015 Winter Classic Questions

    I was "lucky enough" to win the ticket lottery and purchased two tickets. Anyone else here going? Have the Hawks unis been unveiled for the game yet? All I've seen are what appear to be fan renders. When did they go on sale for the previous outdoor games in Chicago? I haven't been to DC...
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    Is it Wednesday yet?

    2 games in three nights and now this!!! I need my fix this shit is not right. Where the IGT 3? I think we torch Calgary for 6. Still on track for 98 wins!! That is all.
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    Game 1 IGT Blackhawks at STARS 7:30 PM CT

    Everybody ready?? I am!!! Sent from my SM-N900T using Tapatalk
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    NFL CCS Survival League Created

    I know its last minute and I was surprised there wasn't already one created. I haven't talked to Rush/ Mods about prizes so this one is just for bragging rights... CCS SURVIVAL LEAGUE GROUP ID# 23580 Password = ccs Same...
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    Carlos Rogers anyone?

    49ers to cut Carlos Rogers A solid replacement fro Peanut if he bolts town... Discuss? Merge?