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    I don't feel good about this game fellas

    Carr is similar to Cousins. Raiders have almost no WRs to throw to and Bears take away both the running game and can cover TEs. Hard to see a game plan that scores more than 10 without bad turnovers from the Bears. Nagy will call a good game and Chase should execute if the Oline holds up even...
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    Is Mitch Trubisky's scouting report proof that Nagy should have autonomy?

    Pace isn't a racist. Most 'white' people in football just like most 'white' people in the world are not racist. But I would say especially more in sports, because when you play sports with people of different races you learn more about those people and their cultures and you also build a...
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    Without looking, What do you think the weather in London will be?

    Can tell none of y’all Hurricane Hunters are from Florida or the Southeast... if you were you would have the Windy ap on your phone (best hurricane forecasting ap) and you would know that storm will not be close to effecting London..
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    Schefter on Roquan

    Or how about he’s been off the green for a while - got some free time in Denver, mailed himself some bomb ass Sativa hybrid that turns him into High School Roq... he wasn’t very smart.. thought he could show up to Halas hall just a bit blazed... everyone ‘noticed’ he wasn’t himself... and...
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    Kap? Trade for Fitzmagic? Bring back Glennon? LOL
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    Will Bet HICKS Out

    Also that it didn't matter because anyone next to the Beasts on D will thrive - Williams, RRH proved it. When you need 2 or 3 every play for MACK then the rest of the dogs eat.
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    MACK makes Cousins 💩 himself.

    Multiple: #squirts #CousinsPoos #duetoMACK #stinky
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    Will Bet HICKS Out

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    Aaron vs Mitch last 2 games-

    Oh then the next year he would do the same for the Sox... just because.
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    Aaron vs Mitch last 2 games-

    Mahomes would not only lead the Bears to the SB he would pitch in the World Series only for the Cubs winning Game 1 and 5 and the series MVP but during the regular season would pinch hit and have 17 game winning HRs
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    Will Bet HICKS Out

    It’s different Mack is not human. Hicks is human and will sit.
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    MACK makes Cousins 💩 himself.

    #thisSunday #MackAttack #makesempoo #stinky
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    Will Bet HICKS Out

    RRH 1.5 sacks and 1 TFL. Goldman recovers a fumble when MACK makes Cousins 💩 himself!
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    Will Bet HICKS Out

    Ok Nichols is out... who cares anyone next to Goldman MACK Floyd will thrive.