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    Grant Delpit S LSU

    Seeing him in the 30's alot recently. IDK. Also S's are similar to RB's in the sometimes tend to fall. Always a couple ranked in the 20's 30's get to the 40's just never know who it will be .
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    Grant Delpit S LSU

    He is being ranked in the mid-30's by quite a few boards. Last couple times I have played with mock sims he is sometimes available at 43. Watched quite a bit of him last few years at LSU and he is a very high quality Safety prospect and even though he has some speed and range, he plays more...
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    Bridgewater v Trubisky

    TB - 44 Games Played 65.2% 7,652 Yards, 38TD, 25INT, 88.3RAT MT - 41 Games Played 63.4% 8,554 Yards, 48TD, 29IN, 85.8RAT Bridgewater really did look good in relief this year. Could it be because of the system? Because of the coaches.. Or maybe in his FIFTH year he started to figure out the...
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    Adam Jahns: Cameron Brate trade option for Bears

    Two MAJOR differences between him and Burton: 1. Plays Tough - not Finesse (but still has athletic ability) 2. Reliable/Durable Would be an upgrade with potential to flourish and grow into more.
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    Adam Jahns: Cameron Brate trade option for Bears

    Not sure the pick to give up, but Beats would do well with the Bears scheme. Living in Tampa and watching a lot of Bucs football, he was always impressive before the new coach and since you can just tell he was used differently/less. He is devalued by Tampa due to fit, maybe a 6th?
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    David Njoku or OJ Howard?

    Maybe not totally the issue but Jameis was never fond of his TE's at FSU either...
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    Free Agent QB Discussion

    It isn't their decision - the agent would never do it LOL - you hire an agent, then they have one of their other clients come after your job? Not gonna have both for long. Bad Business.
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    Shaq Barrett

    Tampa is not a Train Wreck LOL - They have a coach who we should have hired years ago Arians, they went 7-9 with a Turnover machine at QB. Tampa has ELITE WR Talent. The Oline is Solid. RBBC approach that works in Arians Offense. The defense is middle of the pack and that is with all the short...
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    The Bears are not going to make the playoffs next year either.

    Offense will regress to the mean. And the D will bounce. 12-4 next year. SB appearance but Mitch will lose to Brady in his last appearance. #HistoryMade #TheywillallforgetTrubisky
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    Can This Be Fixed By Next Season?

    Easy to fix this team. CAM NEWTON. Draft Offense Line. FA Pass Rusher and TE. Get Healthy. Return to playoffs! Win SB
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    Upgrading the OL

    Charles Leno will be better next year. 2019 was a year of so much change in his personal life, which is hard for any professional to deal with. 5 years ago I got married - me and my wife brought our son into the world same year. Due to all the changes, while I still performed ok at my job, I...
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    Is it possible? Bears 4-0, Min 2-2 over next 4?

    In general as well, this trend has a high probability to continue for the next few weeks. Usually when a player or team 'click' and 'figure it out', the streak lasts for a period of time. So with that I will go ahead and say as long as Montgomery injury isn't debilitating for next week, the...
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    Is it possible? Bears 4-0, Min 2-2 over next 4?

    You must be some kind of amazing debater in your real world. My reasons were perfectly logical to anyone who watches this team closely and understands sport in general. It is and was quite easy to see that the O was starting to figure some things out and could bust out soon.
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    Is it possible? Bears 4-0, Min 2-2 over next 4?

    @Anytime23 I gues we were both wrong - Your prediction of 6-10 and my labeling of your ability to tell the future like the best!
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    Is it possible? Bears 4-0, Min 2-2 over next 4?

    Hmm looks like optimistic intuition won out over negative pessimism. What you say today Mr. @Outlaw Josey Cutler ?