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    Stadium Series Tickets

    I have a couple Stadium Series tickets for next weekend in Minneapolis. I was not anticipating a move out of the Twin Cities when I bought them so if anyone would like to purchase them, let me know. List price is $230 for each, with a ticket to the alumni game. I am open to any reasonable offer...
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    Tampa, FL

    Anybody here live near Tampa? I just graduated in December from the UMN-TC and I'm off to Tampa, FL for the next stage in life. It's nice wearing shorts and a tshirt in Janurary, and walking along the Gulf after a days work. Anybody have favorite restaurants or bars in the area they want to...
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    Cubs Sign Ben Zobrist

    4 year deal Chose Cubs over similar deal with the Mets
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    Greinke or Price?

    Who would you rather see the Cubs sign this offseason?
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    Kershaw Compliments the Cubs Approach High praise coming from Kershaw, if only we could actually get hits once guys get on base..
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    Trip to China or S.America

    Any of you guys been to China or South America? I'm thinking about a trip to Asia or S.America this December when I graduate college. Was wondering what you guys would say are must do's. Ideally I'll have more than a month to just enjoy the last days of my life before I'm stuck behind a desk...
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    *BREAKING NEWS* Rangers Sign Viktor Stalberg

    Terms yet to be disclosed
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    Oilers Win NHL Lottery

    Do they draft McDavid or Eichel?
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    Minnie Minoso Passes Away

    Surprised it took so long for this to be posted. Chicago loses another one of their greats. Been a rough 5-6 weeks in the world of Chicago sports
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    The Bears and their Love of rookie Coaches

    ESPN just reported that in the history of the Chicago Bears, they have never hired a coach that was previously a HC in the NFL Why? Their current motto isn't working well
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    Cubs Sign Jason Hammel

    Will be interesting to see what the details are. I like the move, he pitched very well for us last season and he is about as good as any of the other 2nd tier options and probably the cheapest.
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    Ryan Dempster Retires with Cubs

    Signed a one-day deal today and will join the front office as a special assistant to Theo This makes me happy. I always liked Dempster, and I am glad to see there is no hard feelings on either side based on the way he left the team.
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    Cardinals Acquire Jason Heyward

    Shelby Miller and Tyrell Jenkins to Atlanta. Jordan Walden also heading to STL.
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    Buy NFL Sunday Ticket

    Then you don't have to watch 2 of the worst teams in the NFL, try to prove whose worse
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    Cubs to Kick Off 2015 Season

    Cardinals @ Cubs on April 6 will now be Sunday night, April 5. Will be the 1st game of the 2015 season