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    Bears sign OLB Robert Quinn 5 years 70 million

    Quinn/Hicks/Mack yessss
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    Daniel Bryan

    Daniel Bryan to announce his retirement tonight on Raw, I really hope it's all a swerve. I doubt it though :(
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    Ot: Coughlin

    He gone. Was reported that he said he's not retiring if the right job comes along he'll take it. Coughlin to Eagles?
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    Cam newton!

    Just cost The Panthers their perfect season. Good job MVP
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    Jay Glazer reports

    He's know John Fox for 2 decades and has never seen Fox this excited about a team in his life. -via twitter
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    Can't belive I turned 25 today, after work I'll be having a shot for all of my Bears brothers.
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    Breaking : Raiders Hire Del Rio

    Del Rio was officially hired a minute ago. @Adam Schefter So much for him coming to Chicago with Fox, could still get Schwartz.
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    Pap Gasol!

    Pao Gasol! I didn't see another thread about this. So congrats to Pao Gasol with 2 career highs last night. 46 points and 18 rebounds, first Bulls player since Michael Jordan in 1990. On the season 18.3 ppg 11.7 rebounds 2 blocks 82% free throw shooter and 48% fg He just keep getting better...
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    Fales Time.

    Cutler more than likely will not start, Clausen did alright against a top 3 defense. Everyone was on the David Fales bandwagon after the draft and around preseason time. Trestman should go ahead and give the kid a shot against Minnesota. Not like we have anything to lose. Kids has impressed me...
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    OT Suh

    Suh is a piece of shit. Just a dirty player anyone see that hit on Josh.
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    Rodgers hurt?

    Rodgers hurt? Looks like he coulda pulled something
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    Is It Time?

    Is it time to tank? As of now we would have to win 7 out of our next 8 games. I do not see this happening. If we tank could get a top 5 pick, use that to get an impact player or trade back and get an extra first rounder. Thoughts? Don't think we should tank but picking from 14-22 the last 10...
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    Currently Watching Thread.

    Didn't see one. Walking Dead season 4 episode 2 at the moment.
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    What the hell are we doing on defense! On 5 seperate 3rd and 1 or 2 we have sent 4 rushees. On 3rd and 1 all 4 linemen crash to a side with 2 players. Who the hell sends only 4 so much. A monkey calli ng random plays off of a sheet would be a better DC than Tucker. :obama:
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    He Gone Fishin' !

    First I gotta say great win! Willie Young is a beast, 7 sacks in 6 games. Highest career sack total in a season was 5, great signing by Emery. I know he's on a 3 year deal, IF he keeps playing like this how long do we sign him for. Maybe have to get myself a Willie Young jersey, quickly...