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    The NFL to block off the first 6-8 rows around every stadium

    Banning huddles is next. Everyone gets an earpiece, and the call goes directly to each player.
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    ESPN: Bears 2nd worst offseason of all 32 teams

    O-line is the most important aspect of our team this year. Last year every HB sucked running the ball due to lack of holes, which made us one dimensional and predictable. Offense won't be much better with Foles if we can't run the ball, and will only encourage Nagy to call 50 pass plays which...
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    Well this is depressing as hell to read.

    Nagy needs to stop forcing the offense to go through Cohen. He had something like the 2nd most touches on our team but the worst yards per touch on the team. Just a totally flawed strategy. O-line is mostly to blame but Cohen isn't exactly breaking tackles or out juking defenders, he needs...
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    Who is your favorite underrated Bear!

    Keith Traylor him and Ted Washington we're total beasts up the middle. Clogged it up real good. Plus his epic fumble return will always be an awesome Bears moment
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    Biggest WTF play that you remember?

    Not the biggest and not really a play, but after the play. When Lamarr Houston tore his ACL celebrating a sack when we were down 25 points with under 4 min left in the 4th quarter. He was then out for the rest of the season. Just such a Bears thing to do. Like WTF are you serious dude lol.
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    Bears preparing to change scheme?

    Nagy's gonna bring back the Run and Shoot offense
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    Place your bets on Bears starting QB

    Tyler Bray impresses the coaches during preseason and outplays both Foles and Trubisky. He leads us to a 12-4 record and eventual Super Bowl win. The starting of Bray will be marked as a turning point for the franchise, and sparks the beginning of an incredible run of 5 consecutive Super Bowls.
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    Is today the Trubisky decline day?

    In my Madden franchise I didn't have enough salary cap room to keep Mitch, so he went into free agency and the Texans signed him to a 5 year 95 million dollar deal (after releasing Watson who then ended up on the Cowboys) LOL.
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    Who plays WR 2?

    Mooney. He was brought in to be the speed guy that we lost in Gabriel. So we have some diversity with the group. ARob is possession/route runner/true #1 type, Mooney is the stretch the field blazing speed guy, Miller is the smaller shifty slot dude with attitude. Would be nice if we had a tall...
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    Expectations for Kmet next year?

    75 catches 1,000 yards 10 TD's 🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
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    Nagy Concerns Me

    Matt Nagy in his serial killer room trying to navigate the Bears draft - April 2020
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    Adam Schefter: Bears not expected to pick up the 5th year option on Trubisky

    Pretty obvious, if Pace was sold on him it would've been done already. Smart to wait until after the draft in case Pace is trying to trade him. Gotta let teams think we still might like him.
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    Fromm in 5th?

    Not a strong arm, but gets the ball out quick and is smart at reading the field. Probably is the next Brady, fuck it Pace trade up at get him. His college stats are pretty good, some people are just good football players despite not having elite athleticism.
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    ***2020 NFL Draft Day 2 IGT***

    Kelce Kittle Kmet The prophecy has been fulfilled
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    Draft thread

    Hope Pace doesn't panic and start giving up 2021 draft picks to move into the 1st round. Let the draft come to him, pull the trigger on the best QB available with our first pick tomorrow then trade down with the other 2nd. This will put Pace in a position to succeed and do his thing in the...