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    RIP Gale Sayers the Kansas Comet

    do elaborate, king snark ironic avatar fellow.
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    Matt Nagy vs Cowherd (vocal Mitch hater)

    throughout the history of the NFL some of the best and most well-rounded teams... run the ball effectively. asshole coaches that call 60 pass plays a game don't have long-term success in the league. I think we can all agree on that. in the case of the Chicago Bears, had they run the ball...
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    Are the Bears the worst 2-0 team?

    I watched Patriots/Seahawks highlights. it's unbelievable how different Newton plays with the Patriots. McDaniels may be a wanker, he still commands a strong offense. I also dogged Wilson a long time ago often, he's been a savage for several years now. as for the Bears, they narrowly beat 2...
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    What do we do with Mitch?

    lol, this is exactly what I was thinking as I watched both games. what happens when they play the Packers? only reason they're 2-0 is because the league didn't gangfuck them again with the Packers to start the season.
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    Week 2 breakdown by Olin Kreutz, Alex Brown and Lance Briggs

    have to consider that with no preseason a lot of the new players didn't get to work together. I think the only guy you can definitively write off is Ginn. the team looks better than 2019 to me, if they can get consistency then they'll look like 2018.
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    Justin Herbert is starting! Justin Herbert is starting!

    Herbert had some pretty strong college credentials I think. I don't know how college numbers compare, really. I was kind of impressed that the Chargers held the Chiefs in check as much as they did. I don't watch either teams at all. the only reason I saw that game today is cause the ALL NFC...
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    Justin Herbert is starting! Justin Herbert is starting!

    Herbert isn't playing defense. for those that want to say he beat or outplayed Mahomes. too bad Chargers pissed that game away, they could've knocked them off.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Giants at Bears (Home opener)

    thanks for clarification. it just looked like he slipped and fell. LOL
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Giants at Bears (Home opener)

    can someone rationalize to me how the dude falling equates to pass interference?
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    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Giants at Bears (Home opener)

    Bears trying very hard to lose this one apparently. LOL
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    Bears Working on Extending Cohen, Could get done today!

    he's not wrong. Forte wasn't a power runner, him and Olsen were legendary for going down easy for a time. if I recall he did get better over time though. Forte was dynamic, his pass-catching ability was epic. the 6 jamokes that followed him were unable to duplicate this, but if anyone could come...
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    Barkley rushed for 6 yards on 15 carries.....

    I think it was a combination of rust and Trevathan being 800 years old, along with The Secret World of Kahlil Mack. I follow AP and saw a video of all his runs in the game, they stopped him several times. they just looked like way out of position a lot of the game.
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    To Ryan Pace, Ted Phillips, or to the Media or staff who have access to him.. Re: Allen Robinson

    grown men and tribar arguing over FANTASY football?? also OP, they're not reading. good effort. I can understand the economics of the issue that dude wants top level money when he's a mid level player and why you effectively won't negotiate with terrorists... but he is the #1 receiver on the...
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    The negatives only thread.

    on Trevathan, was there a logical explanation for why they signed him and let Kwiatkoski go?
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    AROB upset?

    he was the only real standout player on offense last season. not entirely sure what the logic here is after playing pin the tail on the donkey at the position ever since Jeffery left.