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    Are we tanking?

    It kind of feels like we're tanking. If we were, who are we tanking for? I don't think it's like there is an Andrew Luck coming out this year. Maybe there is but I just don't follow college that close. We are all pretty sure the Colts tanked for Luck right? Like did the coaches and GM and...
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    MNF-Vikings vs Giants

    I'm drinking and feel like posting about the game. First, OBJ needs Jesus Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Bears Sign CJ Wilson

    From Pinetown NC. Went to ECU. Won a Super Bowl with the Packers. 6'3" 290 DE Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Jordan Howard getting praise from Loggains Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today we lay out pastor to rest

    He was a really good dude. Lost a battle with liver and eso****eal cancer. He was diagnosed last August. Two weeks ago he was in the pulpit preaching his last sermon and saying good bye to his congregation. He was an extremely intelligent man. He was a doctor of theology but didn't allow people...
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    I just had someone tell me about it tonight. Anybody use it? Mods feel free to move to donator forum if there is my legal issues. I know Kodi isn't illegal itself but some add-ons are sketchy I guess. I'm thinking about getting a fire tv with Kodi
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    The Returned

    Started watching on Netflix. I actually started the foreign version a while back but didn't feel like dealing with subtitles. I like it but I like stuff where I have no idea what is going on. What can I say, I liked Lost.
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    Altercations at Child's Sporting Events

    Have you guys ever seen or been involved in one? I was pretty close today. My daughter and this other girl on her team don't get along. We all know it. We've told our daughter eleventy billion times to stay away from the girl. It's both of their faults. They both talk trash constantly. So the...
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    Zombie Games

    I just really want a game that is like the walking dead. Where the object is to survive and try and build society back somewhat. I just got dying light and it's fun and all, but I'd like a game that you have to kill zombies with a head shot and one head shot ends them. Also where there are no...
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    I'm leaving the board for good.

    Sike!! You know you'd miss me.
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    Rams staying in Missouri The Rams apparently are staying in St. Louis. In one very specific, self-serving way. Per a league source, contracts being offered to new players state that the laws of Missouri, not California, control the relationship. The NFL...
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    Dave Mirra Found Dead

    Man that sucks. He was in town (Greenville, NC) visiting friends and they found him this morning in his truck dead from a apparent self inflicted gunshot. I was never a huge BMX guy but he brought the sport to my home town and was one of the greatest. He had a wife and two kids.
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    Bears Trivia: 1/18/16

    What quarterback set a franchise record when he posted a 109.0 passer rating? 5000 inter web point to the first correct answer. Points will be mailed UPS within the next 365 business days or not at all. Good luck!
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    Trivia: 1-6-16

    What wide receiver set a Bears' single season record that lasted 37 years when h caught 93 passes in 1964? *First correct answer gets 5000 points. This is a game where everything is made up and the points don't matter.*
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    Not a single one. Smh. Not a good year for the Bears.