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    Hyun Jin Ryu is being special

    adjust your schedules accordingly.
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    Straight baseball talk

    I do miss the MLB board for this, but can we have a straight baseball talk thread without the bullshit? I personally don't care about owners/FO's agendas or anything, just show me the talent and the players. Let's talk about game theory or pitch sequencing. Anything that happens on the field.
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    I cannot get over how good Bryce Harper is.

    My word, what animal we hath unleashed on the world.
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    YOU GUYS YOU GUYS IT'S BACK! You know this is the thing Facebook QB's drew their inspiration from but this is soooo much edgier/funnier. HI THIS IS JI- Sent from up Mark Teixeira's butt.
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    Baseball free agency is sooooooooo dead

    Verlander and Posey just signed mega extensions today, King Felix also signed one and the trend of locking up your players early continues. The FA market is severely watered down and only question marks and damaged goods will hit the market from no one. Drafting and trades are more important...
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    Big ass huge ginormous 2013 Cubs preview Sent from up Mark Teixeira's butt.
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    Johan Santana is done for this season and is probably done for his career.

    Via Ken Rosenthal
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    Roaming baseball thoughts

    I think the Dodgers are going to struggle early and then find themselves in a dog fight for the West crown with the Giants and...the Padres. I think the Angels are going to win 95+ but the pitching is going to cap their success. Their window is surprisingly small for a team that has drafted and...
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    Colin Cowherd's randomly stupid thoughts.

    I might subject myself to listen to him for an hour a day to keep a log on this but here's #1:
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    What are some other interests that you guys have?

    Y'all can't be one dimensional right? What are your favorite books? What are your favorite movies/hobbies/art forms? Do you dance? Do you like manual labor and shit? What passions burn deep in your heart that you are hesitant to express in public? I'll start. I love documentary photography...
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    Loria is the worst of all times
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    Chicago White Sox team preview

    iBlogged Sent from up Mark Teixeira's butt.
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    That time Javier Baez destroyed a baseball.

    WARNING: content is weird as shit. Sent from up Mark Teixeira's butt.
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    Greinke has elbow discomfort, going back to LA for tests

    @BerniePleskoff If I was a jerk I would point out how high risk free agents are expensive and incredibly risky but I'm not a jerk so I will present the info without comment.
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    Unexpected factoid of the day

    via Wendy Thurm (solid follow). I uhhh, didn't think he was all that into numbers but the more I think about it, it makes some weird sort of sense.