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    Review of Bears Defense (good & bad) - by IND media

    Yup, get the ball to start the game. Score a TD, watch phillip rivers throw INT's.
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    A foles stat I posted a few months back

    "Foles had a passer rating of 90.6 on plays when he was pressured during the 2018 season, according to Pat Thorman of Pro Football Focus. That was the best in the NFL of the 38 quarterbacks with enough passes under pressure to qualify. "
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    Review of Bears Defense (good & bad) - by IND media

    Foles aint scared.
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    Devin Hester destroys Jay Cutler

    I remember watching him on the broncos the year he went to the pro bowl and was sure the guy would be an elite qb in the league
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    Devin Hester destroys Jay Cutler

    Knowledge of the game might be a stretch, but I get what devon is saying. Cutler, as far as arm talent, has to be in the conversation for top 5 all time easily. The guy just never put it together mentally, but if you could build a perfect qb for his time period you'd imagine he'd be built like...
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    Will the TNF game be on Fox or NFLN? Has a database of links for the selected games. Thank me later. Or don't. IDC
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    Available RBs?

    That was my guess for a replacement. Before his ACL tear he was somewhat explosive. Nothing special, but faster than monty with power to boot. Not really much out there outside of him
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    Steelers-Titans Postponed

    Honestly, I'm shocked they haven't done Friday/saturday night football yet. Once nba finals are over all you got to contend with is baseball, which lol, lets be real...not much of a contender as far as ratings go. It might be a players union type of thing tho, which is unfortunate. I'd love to...
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    Steelers-Titans Postponed

    Smart move. I'm sure they want to give a few more rounds of tests before seeing what happens.
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    New OL coach, and Ifredi seem to be paying off

    I'd need to rewatch the game but during my watch on gameday I noticed the falcons lb's shooting the gaps and blitzing a ton in the 2nd quarter on because they knew mitch couldn't make them pay. Usually hard to run the ball when teams are playing cover zero and daring your QB to make them pay...
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    Put on the brakes !!

    Bingo. If this team can play with a lead they will be dangerous AF. Hopefully foles carries over his play last week through the entire season and stays healthy. If we can get even an average ranked offense this team coasts into the playoffs. This team is currently 17th in yardage and 20th in...
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    No but my former roomates dog did plenty of times.
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    Football Outsiders: 2020 Bears

    I might be alone in this thought....but I truly wouldn't mind being known as the worst superbowl champion of all time.
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    Their wings are terrible. You're legit better off going to mcdonalds and getting some spicy nuggs.
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    I will second this. Also, not the best wings, but any bulldogs in the area does "all you can eat" wings for 10.99(unless they raised the prices) every Tuesday. Can't beat that deal, TBH.