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    I guess Gustavus is jealous of all the good looks...
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    Who is the handsome fella in your avatar??
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    2015 Bears Grades: Special Teams Thanks again for comments and feedback.
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    2015 Bears Grades: Secondary Please read and reply, thanks! :)
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    CCS Grades: 2015 offensive line.
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    Dennis Allen to the Ssints

    Hired as senior assistant to Rob Ryan.
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    R.I.P. Omelet's son

    Manning is done. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
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    OT: JR Smith and Iman Shumpert to Cleveland Adding the complete trade here, sorry fisch. To New York: Alex Kirk Lou Amundson Lance Thomas To Cleveland: J.R. Smith Iman Shumpert To Oklahoma City: Dion Waiters To Waivers: Samuel Dalembert
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    Chris Ballard hired as Bears GM (Placeholder thread)

    At the request of Wild_x_Card.
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    Interesting Tweet from MikeCWright He agrees with my premise that the Bears just want "yes-men" for the GM position. Here we go down the same road again. :facepalm2:
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    Phil Emery...go to bed

    Signs former Jaguar Montell Owens for FB. :enough:
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    Rip Hamilton on Thibs Practices-"They Were Tough"
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    Tim Jennings: Bears had a defense players only film session last week

    Another indictment against Tucker. Just heard it on 87.7 the game FM.
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    IGT STARS at Blackhawks 6 PM CT

    Lines at practice today: 20-19-81 23-91-88 29-65-13 28-16-11 Probably the best lines I've seen all year.
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    Brandon Marshall "It's Over"

    This is an embarssment and a disgrace. Trestman has lost the locker room and a leader is admitting they have quit. Fuck this team. They deserve to crash and burn. They deserve that 3-13 record. Brandon Marshall on Inside the NFL "When you lose your confidence, it’s over. You don’t have a...