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    Drafting a QB

    Agree wit this. If someone they like is within their reach...go get him. If it works out for Mitch this year, would it be so bad to go into next offseason and draft with a good amount of Qb capital?
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    Help for Oline??

    I'll stick my neck out...Alex Bars is going to take the RG spot and be a stud.
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    Free Agency news - 2020

    I guess next question could be... how did Foles do with tight ends.
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    HaHa Staying?

    Haven't posted here for a long time after the mods decided to open the jail and allow this free for all... but for football discussion think that the importance of the Bears secondary cannot be understated. In my football fan opinion, this is the absolute key element that this teams drives off...
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    Will Anyone on the Current Roster Step Up to Fill Needs?

    Nice to see a thread that's engaging without the usual nonsense(y)...I am looking forward to seeing Alex Bars...was good in college...came here to be with college coach...turned down the Patriots roster offer (I believe)...has another full year of recovery and strength improvement...could really...
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    Is Trubisky Done In Chicago?

    I agree Nagy has to be done with this team. He reminds me of the "Realty King" character in American Beauty...constantly spewing empowerment messages and fulfillment cliche's...but ultimately he is an insecure fraud desperate to belong...and he is certainly giving Bears' fans the 'Royal Treatment'.
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    Chris Simms R.I.P.S Matt Nagy

    Nailed it...the Tony Robbins schtick wears off when results dont match expectations.
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    OT: Vikings were scared of CFL MVP QB taking Kirk Cousins’ job

    I live in Calgary...Bo makes 700K per year...has an opportunity to set all-time CFL records and with it comes a multitude of opportunities when his playing days are done. He's a brash Texan, but backs up his talk. While he could challenge an NFL starter, or more likely hold a clipboard, to...
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    More red meat for the outraged

    who knows what they do or don't see...they have opinions and they express them...practically, all players need to prove themselves. Mitch is no different, he gets to write his own description with his play...we get to watch it unfold before our eyes...should be fun!
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    Emanuel Hall- He gone

    Nagy must have found out he was a 'turd'.