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  • I still go there from time to time to see if the old gang are up to their tricks - they've destroyed that Fans First section over there with a whole bunch of political shit fights, so it's hard to stomach. I got moderated for months for questioning a guy who was just a negative jackass all the time (no name calling or anything, even - just caught him painting himself into a corner in an argument), so I left for a long time. I can see from going there I haven't missed much. This place is a lot more fun!
    Awesome, feel free to bring over some of those guys. More the merrier.
    yeah, getting kind of sick of the old board (CBMB) and been coming here more often - looking for a place with some more laid back fans and not so much whining, not to mention we can talk about ALL teams here without getting hollered at for not posting somewhere else :)
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