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    The biggest difference between Patrick Mahomes and Mitchell Trubisky is..........

    Dumb comparison - you're comparing the most transcendent QB talent in a couple of decades to someone who hasn't panned out. A better comparison would be someone that had the same general expectations as Mitch (willing to take suggestions on who that would be). There are very few people you could...
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    This forum is tearing itself apart. This is the thread that saves us.

    You lost me at "trade Mack". This team needs to do everything possible (draft & free agency) to put together an above-average offensive line. The rest will fall into place.
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    All of you Trubisky nut huggers can go back to the holes you crawled out of now

    Trying to imagine what a sad life you must lead when you are revved up to go post on the Bears board that your prediction of the QB sucking, and therefore the Bears sucking is correct. This is why I stopped conversing with fans and on message boards in most sports. Loaded with people who would...
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    DePaul Basketball

    As someone who lives in Iowa and has to listen to Hawkeye garbage constantly, THANK YOU Depaul for crushing them this year.
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    If the rams go 10-6....

    Woah, cowboy. The Bears have Green Bay, KC, and Minnesota yet (maybe 3 playoff teams). 10 wins first, then speculation.
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    Raider fan kicking wisdom (no hate)

    I read about a paragraph of that (never getting that back) before putting this dumbass on ignore. How embarrassing - but hey, that's the Raiders in a nutshell.
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    Cam Newton wants to play in Chicago

    LOL at people saying "fuck that guy" and "he's useless". The current QBs are Trubisky and Daniel. Give me a fucking break.
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    Is it all Mitch’s fault?

    Of course not. The line sucks. The D really misses Hicks. The secondary has had a down year. Our receivers cannot get open. Our running backs have been disappointing. Saying "the QB sucks" is a Bears fan's way of dealing with the fact that the overall team just isn't that good and Nagy appears...
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    First post...possibly last...

    All that stood out to me from that whole wall of text was "Bears fans suck". Can't say I disagree.
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    Haha haha fudge!!

    I watched KC/Min. today instead. Great damn game with a fantastic ending. So much better than wasting a Sunday watching the Bears' bullshit.
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    Trade Mack!

    Epically dumb thread. Mack is literally the only reason to pay any attention to this team whatsoever right now.
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    Pineiro takes a shot at coaching staff

    Here's an idea: you're an NFL kicker trying a field goal that's barely longer than an extra point. Make the fucking kick, regardless of where the ball is spotted.
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    Is it bad that I don't even care

    This is where I arrived toward the end of the Trestman era and never looked back. I will watch them occasionally if there's nothing else to do (today happened to be one of those days), but I'm no longer remotely invested emotionally. If they're playing like garbage, I treat it like a bad movie...
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    Which gm is the worst?

    Emery's reign left me so devoid of hope, so doubting the future of the team and especially the defense, that I stopped watching the NFL for a few years. Easy choice for me.
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    Bears in a low scoring crapfest. 16-10.