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    Come make some money!

    It was wild to see Red Bull Liepzig, Borussia MonBlach, and Leverkusen all falter with chances to control 4th place fate. I would point to the 3 day rest...very rare for a soccer player except in tournament play, its odd on the body after a full 90 minute match. That seemed to play into home...
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    Come make some money!

    Tomorrow morning. There is a great soccer match of the highest level, Dortmond vs Bayern Munich. It is huge for the championship standings and features the waning flickers of Lewandoski and Mueller vs the brilliant meteoric rise of Haaland. Munich does not have the team it had 2 years ago, but...
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    The Hot or Not Actress Thread

    its got to make you nervous whenever the guy they are with doesn't look grateful to be with the hottest piece of ass for miles around. Instead they look like Nietzsche at the end of a bender, lost soul with nothing to hope for...another day trying not to become a murderer.
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    The Hot or Not Actress Thread

    starve her and hot yoga for a month. She eats too much sugar and is escaping on youth for like another year.
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    Line-up ideas

    I am going to be taking a break for a bit to get right, but I'll leave a few line-up ideas behind. Injuries forced Kubalik into some better situations for him, and I think what I see is a player who is exceptional when on the counter attack. 1. Kubalik-Toews-Jewels Saad-Strome-Kane...
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    Chiefs player says Cam to Chicago.

    let the panthers cut him.
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    IGT (2/1): Blackhawks at Coyotes. (Hockey is back)

    I know but the Coyotes are really good when they want to be. They have a few strong lines and the way the Hawks play we will have to absorb alot of their attacking pressure. I'll be satisfied with a point here.
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    Illini BB

    I am as high on Illinois as any team in the Big 10, or maybe the country. They have nice pieces that compliment each other. A couple shooters, a legit big man, some long arms, etc. After watching a poor Wisconsin team knock of Mich St. today I am more convinced than ever that this league is...
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    Illini BB

    Garza plays great defense inside though.
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    Second case of Coronavirus reported in Chicago.

    12,000 infected minimum. 250 dead of the 2,000 who have run full course.
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    IGT (2/1): Blackhawks at Coyotes. (Hockey is back)

    The Coyotes are really good after the Taylor Hall trade. They have been slumping but the Hawks always bring their best out of them for a couple reasons. Hall gives them a nightmare level powerplay, and they have been excellent when either Raanta or Kuemper are healthy. I don't believe in rust...
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    Falcons may let Hooper walk

    If we pay Kelce money for Hooper we are gonna be sad. I'd love Ebron, I think he the more talented TE and he is allowed to get better with time and drop less passes. If we can have Ebron for half of that commitment or less its a no brainer for me.
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    Matt Nagy's mom becomes a Bears beat writer

    As time has gone on I have begun to look at the Andy Reid endorsement of Nagy as a way to get him out the door before he made Andy crazy. Getting him a new job was the lesser of evils and Reid did all he could.
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    Illini BB

    good practical goal. The home/away split does not look pretty either with the good team in Illinois, and the questionable where they are comfortable in this league. Its actually 4 of 5, and 7 of next 9 are ranked as of now. Win 5 or 6... will be a moral victory and hopefully they...
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    Allen Robinson working on long term deal

    Watkins 53 receptions, 673, 3 TD's with Mahomes, single teams, and being the third option. Robinson double coverage, 98 under duress receptions, 7 TD's with Trubisky as the only option. I guess some could stretch their minds and not see it willfully, but I'm as sure now as I was when they were...