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    Saints-Texans...the best of MNF!

    I still do the typical NFL stuff...I still pay for Sunday Ticket because I have money to burn (apparently)...I still play fantasy football although I don't know most of the players and I don't follow who switches teams...and I still will tune in to MNF (and sometimes even Thursday Night...
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    Game-by-Game NFL thoughts: Week 1

    Yeah, Goff looked somewhat miserable...but he did convert 9/17 3rd downs.
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    ***Official*** College Football Thread (Big Ten out? SEC In?)

    Agree with all of this. Of the teams getting Top 25 preseason votes, I really didn't understand the love for Tennessee, Syracuse and Nebraska. None of those programs have done anything for several years now. It was like the Cleveland Browns build up.
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    Game-by-Game NFL thoughts: Week 1

    Eagles-Redskins I watched the majority of this game. Eagles looked like the Bears in the 1st half, but then Wentz came on strong in the 2nd half. One thing I like about Wentz is that he's usually throwing past the 1st down marker. He had some deep throws to Jackson, but even his shorter...
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    Report: Eagles tried trading Howard

    Thats more than he would have gotten with the Bears in Week 1! Howard actually looked good when I saw him. Breaking tackles, catching passes, blocking.
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    OT Oregon Justin Herbert

    Only one of those three was on The Middle prior to becoming a college QB. He tore up Nevada, who were good enough to beat "The Purdue" last week. Weird.
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    Thoughts on Week 1 Packers-Bears (Amos Game)

    EAT SHIT!!! DIE!!!!
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    Thoughts on Week 1 Packers-Bears (Amos Game)

    That is really Graham's only value to the team...he can box out on TD lobs, otherwise he is too much of a sloth to run pass routes or block people. At least Rodgers end zone lob was into single coverage...j/k
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    Thoughts on Week 1 Packers-Bears (Amos Game)

    Kyle Schwarber scored more points/runs in one swing last night than the Bears scored all game.
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    Thoughts on Week 1 Packers-Bears (Amos Game)

    *Game MVP = Packers punter JK Scott (who looks like…JK Rohwling) *Big Play of the game = 3rd quarter, Bears down 7-3, 2nd and 5 from the GB 28…Allen Robinson gets behind everyone, Trubisky can either throw the ball in front of Robinson into the end zone for a TD, or he can throw the ball to the...
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    ***OFFICIAL*** CCS Forum Bets

    Two, the only reason this came about is because of your and Calabis's insistence that Brees is a good comp for Trubisky's career arc. Two, I already gave you what I thought was the fairest comparison of Brees/Trubisky by using their 3rd year as starters. You disagree with...
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    Kool Aid drinkers prediction thread

    Right, because you could influence your bet with your own postings.
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    ***OFFICIAL*** CCS Forum Bets

    HA HA HA! We've already covered this ground last week. I proposed Brees' 3rd year starting vs. Trubisky's 3rd year starting, and you shot it down. You then berated me for offering up such a 'sucker proposition'. No thanks! COUNTER PROPOSAL BAN BET Most passing yards...Trubisky or Aaron...
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    Son has Monty and Cohen on his fantasy team: who should he start tonight?

    ARE YOU IN A PPR LEAGUE???!!! (standard opening fantasy football question)