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    The Tape Never Lies - Bears Get Bullied by Raiders in London

    Long and Leno are hard to watch. Roquan shouldn't have been out there for this game. Incognito is still a bitch. He chopped blocked illegally at least a half dozen times in this game. Several of them were on some of the Raiders most successful run plays. They never really said much about...
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    Illegal chop blocks

    This happened repeatedly in the first half. The announcers kept giving the Raiders run game a lot of credit, but never once said anything about the illegal blocks. By the time Eddie visibly complained about it, I'd mentioned it three or four times to the guys I was watchin the game with. And...
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    We never deserved to win this game

    Yeah, this is just a silly excuse for some fans. The change in time zones likely had little effect on this game.
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    I never want to hear “Chase Daniel should be the starter” ever again

    Daniels is a backup QB ... always has been, always will be. He can make decent passes when the plays go according to plan, but that's about it. He has little pocket awareness, and even less ability to do anything about it when the pocket isn't there or when the play goes awry. And any team that...
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    OLine is seriously boring to watch!

    Boring isn't exactly the word I'd use. Infuriating perhaps ...
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    Fire Kyle Long

    Not sure why Long or Roquan were in the game in the fourth quarter. Neither of them had done much of anything the entire game and both looked lost out there. Kwiatkowski has problems in coverage, but he's generally pretty good against the run. Not sure why he wasn't in there from about halftime on.
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    We never deserved to win this game

    Nope, we didn't. Was hoping we'd get the W, but it wouldn't have been deserved.
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    The Bears are out of control with penalties

    This is an extremely poorly coached team right now. It's been that way all year so far. Mental mistakes Penalties Bad decision making Lack of Effort Questionable play calling at times Among other things.
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    Prevent D: Good or Bad?

    The prevent D has its place. The problem is generally WHEN it's used these days, by all teams. It's not supposed to be used for the entire fourth quarter or for even a significant portion of a quarter. It's more of a one time thing. Primarily because momentum is a very real thing in sports...
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    ..and the award for the most clueless former NFL player goes to...

    96-46-6? That's at least two too many sixes. That "bay" water they're drinking be powerful stuff apparently.
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    Bears Oline ranked #5 (PFF) - Have not given up a sack This was interesting to note, but I was mostly curious about the line regarding no sacks or hits allowed so far. I'm not completely familiar with all of PFF's methods over there, but would it be correct to...
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    Ouch ...

    Whitehair's errant snaps and logic defying penalty didn't cost us this game. But they are problematic for sure. I don't understand the reluctance to make the move. If they'd done it from day 1, none of this would be an issue. Everyone looked tired, especially in the fourth. The Bears looked...
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    So currently ... our Team

    This is where we stand at the moment? (23): OFFENSE (2) - QB: Cutler, Hoyer (3) - RB: Langford, Howard, Carey (1) - FB: Lasike (6) - WR: Jeffery, White, Royal, Bellamy, Meredith, Thompson (3) - TE: Miller, Paulsen, Scruggs (8) - OL: Long, Sitton, Leno, Whitehair, Massie, Larsen...
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    Bears vs. Bills Thoughts

    Cutler on a roll out can't pick up one yard, and instead throws an INT ... to a DEFENSIVE LINEMAN?! Was today really the day to still be experimenting out there on the offense? Shouldn't most of these experiments have been run in the Preseason? Flea Flicker? ... Really? It's not that we ran a...
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    Initial Roster Comparison -- 2014 vs. 2013

    Comparison of the two Rosters that I have written down on Aug. 31 of each year. There were some changes shortly after this I think, but this is close to the initial 53 man roster from last year. Quarterback: (DOWN) Cutler, Clausen, Fales --- Cutler, McCown Hindsight says that last years...