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    Schedule Release

    Early prediction Chicago wins in a close one 52-7
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    Eddie Jackson

    Nuff said..
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    Bears will bounce back

    All you bitches giving up on the team should be ashamed of yourselves. Keep that same energy when the team starts rolling after this loss.
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    What is the proper way to judge an elite CB???

    This has to be the toughest position to accurately grade. Is it interceptions??? Passes defended (broken up)??? Passes not thrown your way (respect)??? Yards or TDs given up??? Tackles??? A combination of these things??? If you are not getting passes thrown your way, then you really have...
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    The REAL reason why Da Bears will beat the packers at soldier field...

    Rodgers hasn't beaten a team with a winning record on the road since 2012. Is 0-0 a winning record? Nope.. But it isn't a losing record either... Enjoy :)
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    Phil Emery the Lil Wayne fan

    Did you know that the General Manager of the Chicago Bears, Phillip Emery, is a Lil Wayne fan? Phil recently called into Mike Mulligan and Brian Hanley‘s “Mully & Hanley Show” on Chicago’s 670 The Score radio station to reveal the interesting fact...
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    What would you trade for Calvin Johnson?

    The Detroit Lions added Golden Tate from the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks during free agency, and that was it for the team as far as adding another option opposite star wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Detroit did add tight end Eric Ebron in the first-round of the draft, and now...
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    Are Qb's overrated?

    I'm tired of hearing what QB will have a great season or throw for x yards and TD's. Unless we're discussing living legends such as Peyton, Brees, and Brady, I'm not trying to hear about a QB being a factor in why a team wins or loses games. The rest of these guys are virtual non factors in the...
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    Mel Kiper grades the Bears' draft (B-)

    Chicago Bears: B- Top needs: S, CB, DT, WR Needs: B Value: C+ Summary: The Bears have some questions on value, but I think they did a solid job of targeting needs. Kyle Fuller may not be a star at CB, but the floor is probably a really good player for a long time. I didn't mind that pick at all...
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    Cutler Excuses Thread

    Just thought we would need one. I'll start it off.. He's rusty and the wind is blowing too hard
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    No source

    How dare he throw those almost picks.. Bench his ass for Cutler right now atleast Jay knows how to throw a damn pick the right way.
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    Why does Cutler get injured every year?

    Do you even lift bro?.. Why is this guy getting injured EVERY year? Is the diabetes becoming a problem? That was the softest tackle I've ever seen someone get injured by in my life. This is the type of shit that happens when you don't take care of your body during the offseason. Has Cutler...
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    Preseason Awards: NFL's most impressive rookies Should we crown his ass already?
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    Madden 25: Bears player ratings

    For all the madden heads... Brandon Marshall - 97 Charles Tillman - 95 Tim Jennings - 90 Henry Melton - 90 Matt Forte - 91 Robbie Gould - 93 Julius Peppers - 92 Lance Briggs - 94 Martellus Bennett - 88 more...