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    Coronavirus Projects?

    Definitely. No need for that much to mow unless you host a few football games or soccer.
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    Hawks Sign Chalupa

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    What Are You Playing Right Now? (Gaming Thread)

    You'll love the story. Just take your time doing the main story missions (yellow icons on the map). Here is a good guide for adjusting the settings: Red Dead Redemption 2 Control Settings Guide - X/A Sprinting And More
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    What Are You Eating Right Now?

    DUDE!!! Why do ya gotta say something like that? Some of us have the munchies and don't have pancake sausage corndog things!
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    NHL voting on 24-team tournament

    I don't like it, but the players need to play again at some point. If not, playing next in October is a long time to be off.
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    John McDonough fired

    Great post. Is this THEE RK? If so, good to see ya.
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    Fun story about Blackhawks, Pony Inn

    That site requires a log in. Could you possible cut and paste?
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    Official "420" thread

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    What Are You Playing Right Now? (Gaming Thread)

    I'm still loving RDR 2. I'm really taking my time getting through it, there's so much to do in it. Challenges, Dream Catchers, Exotics, Dinosaur bones, stranger stuff...
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    Greatest Blackhawks game in history

    Sure do remember. I met him several times over the years, but haven't seen him online in a long time. Know what happened to him?
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    What Are You Eating Right Now?