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    Special Teams Need To Red Rover!

    Pathetic boring special teams on the punts and kick offs. What's wrong with locking hands off the kick and ramming your way down to the returner? This is a team game so form up as a team instead of playing selfish looking for the individual tackles. This teams so conservative on its approach...
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    Seabrook extension

    Its not official but heavy reports are seabs got 8 years at 54.8 He owes Keith at least 4 of those years and 30 mill.
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    No Huddle Defense.

    Been watching the Bears/ Arizona game here today off and on and it appears to me that when the Bears defense is coming out of the huddle they all seem a bit confused and anxious. I'm not sure whos leading the huddle and what is being said but i think it would be easier on these guys if the went...
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    Fake field goals? The key to victory...always.

    I'm not going to pretend I am a walking play book for NFL football or that I even know what a slot is. I do however know this...... The team that fakes a field goal in a game always wins by the end of the day. So I'm still sitting here baffled as to why a fake field goal play wasn't called on...
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    What's been happening over the summer?

    Hey gang camp and pre-season are just around the corner and I haven't been following any Blackhawks or hockey related news at all over the summer. Guess it's time to catch up on any news and events. Would really appreciate it if you guys would give me a brief run down on what's new with the team...
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    The Coach Q

    I think you have to give Q the respect he deserves now. This was Qs strongest coached cup run. Fresh Legsgate aside I think he completely mind raped every other coach in these playoffs as he usually does and got the best out of every player. We have another Hall Of Famer here. Anyone tries to...
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    Playoff superstitions or rituals!!

    Players have em but do any of you schmucks have em? I have been watching playoff games on the floor since 2010 (when not at work). Often I end up watching games upside down because of this and probably explains why I don't know or understand the game worth the shits. I also wear the same jersey...
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    Tickets game 4

    Guys gals and grimson My father in law and brother inlaw have made a last minute decision to fly out to Chicago next week to try and catch game 4. If anyone knows of 2 tickets available please let me know. Price wont be an object for those two goofballs. Cant believe they didnt offer to take...
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    Anybody have anything to say about Seabrook. Feel kind of bad we have neglected him.
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    Hossa and his shooting percentage its not pretty like his face

    I expect more than a 4% shooting percentage from Hossa. Big Hossa fan but this is getting rediculas esp when you put into consideration he is ranked second for RWers in these playoffs with shot attempts at 50 ten behind Perry who is shooting scoring at 15%. This isn't an acceptable shooting...
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    Hawks need to learn to win in regulation

    Try something new in game 6 and win in regulation boys.
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    Easily the 5th best blueliner for the Hawks tonight. Maybe the 4th because Hammer was rather shit most of the night. Should trade Cumisky to the Rangers while his stock is high. Get on the phone Stan. Can get him to New York by the morning.
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    Duncan Keith

    hard not to place Duncs as an early candidate for the conn smyth and yes i know i am getting ahead but after tonight we should talk about my favourite player and who i think is the most important roster player (that ones highly debatable i know) this guy has to be the best conditioned player in...
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    Blocking shots

    Shot blocking wins you cups. Just ask Sopel the human bruise and Hammer. Two guys that have made a career and have won cups by taking pucks off their faces..sometimes three times on one shift. Ducks beat the Hawks in puck blocking in game 1 with 22 blocked shots to 9. Shot blocking is my...
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    Don't worry. He is a machine!! If anyone can do it Runblad can do it!! Runblad Runblad Lord oh mighty Runblad!!