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    Rockets and Blazers set to offer Asik.

    Via Realgm Rockets are set to offer 8m per year. Blazers: Blazers To Make Contract Offer To Omer Asik - RealGM Wiretap
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    Game 4 IGT: Bulls (1) at Philadelphia 76ers (2) 5/6 12:00 PM CT on ABC 7 Chicago

    Location: Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 6, 2012 12:00 PM CT Where to watch: Chicago Bulls starters: Philadelphia 76ers starters: Nobody cares. Injuries: - Derrick Rose (ACL) - Joakim Noah (Ankle)
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    Derrick Rose Ultimate 2012 Mix [HD] - YouTube
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    Venomzzz back

    It's been a while.
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    Venom iz back!

    What's up everyone? Shit, I haven't been here in 4 months. I'm back for good!
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    Derrick Rose - The rise Vol.1

    Description: This mix consists a great point guard and player in Derrick Rose. It also showcases his athletic ability and more. I made this because I haven't made a mix where I felt comfortable making it for 2 years. I haven't made a 2 minute mix in about 2 years and I think I'll start mix...
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    He has a 14 mill expiring contract. Should the Bulls make a push for him? Knowing JRich he might want a lot of money though
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    Gaming equipment?

    Who here has gaming equipment? Ex. Turtle Beaches, HD PVR, any other recorder, etc I have an HD PVR, Turtle Beach X11's and a lot more, what about you guys?
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    NBA Sim League?

    I mean what forum/site doesn't have one? Maybe we should try it
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    Derrick Rose LOL

    Randomly found this on youtube YouTube - Derrick Rose on the Bench :lol:
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    Going to Dick's later

    Dick's Sporting Goods.. What should I get? I know I'm getting some shooting sleeves, but I want to get some other Basketball related stuff. Suggestions?
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    What's up?

    I was reffered by Chicitysports23 on youtube. I'm a big Chicago Bulls fan and I also prefer the White Sox over the Cubs. I'm looking forward to posting and having some fun.