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    Vic Fangio's defense, from a 49ers perspective

    I got a chance to do a podcast with Oscar Aparicio, from the Better Rivals podcast on NinersNation, to talk about Vic Fangio's defense in San Francisco. He clears up a lot of the confusion about the type of 3-4 the Bears could run, as well as breaking down the pattern-match, 2-read zone scheme...
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    Poll: If Trestman goes, do you keep Kromer?

    Assuming Trestman is fired, should the Bears keep Kromer and let him try to run the offense on his own without Trestman controlling everything? This would give Cutler some continuity so he wouldn't have to learn a new system. Or should they clean house bring in a whole new coaching staff to...
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    What is Charles Tillman's pricetag?

    Peanut is going to be a free agent. He turns 33 in February, and he's coming off of a torn triceps. That's a bad combination for pending free agent. So, how much is he worth? We've seen how dominant he can be, but he was clearly declining this season. He made $8 million last year, but he's not...
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    My Mock Offseason is better than yours

    This is for the hybrid defense using's Salary Cap Calculator Cuts Julius Peppers (June 1st Designation) - $9.8 million saved initially, $4.2 million more June 1st Michael Bush - $1.85 million saved Eric Weems - $1.1 million saved Adam Podlesh - $1 million saved Extension Brandon...
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    Martellus and Michael Bennett Tidbit

    Interesting stuff. For those not familiar, Hubbuch is with the New York Post
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    Shea McClellin's Value (What is the least you would take?)

    Pretty much everyone agrees that McClellin can not continue as a DE, and a switch to 4-3 linebacker is a last resort to try and find a use for him. Regardless, a lot of us would like to see him no longer on the team. Straight up cutting him would yield a $1.8 million cap loss, and it doesn't...
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    Isn't about time for the Mock Draft Database?

    I think we should get that thing rolling now that we have the official order mostly complete. Waiting on you, X
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    Video: Packers need to trade Aaron Rodgers

    NSFW, but it's hilarious Good to know the Packers fans are just as dumb as we thought they were
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    PFF (not grades) on Joe Haden vs Marshall/Jeffery

    Some really good stuff in here, no subscription required. It's written as more of a fantasy football article, but there is a lot of good information in there...
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    Ditka in a Packers jersey on ESPN WTF!!!

    :kermit: :office:
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    OT - Redskins Linebacker Sacks QB + Lineman (GIF) Dude can not be stopped.
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    Poll: Best 5 OL on the Bears

    Coaches always talk about putting the best 5 offensive linemen on the field. Due to position limitations, sometimes it isn't possible. But it got me thinking, who are the best 5 offensive linemen on the Bears, regardless of position? It's actually pretty tough, but I'm interested to see the...
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    Counterpoint: Why Jay Cutler is good enough to win a Super Bowl In the modern day NFL, everything is about the quarterback. It is a pass-driven league and teams cannot survive without a quality quarterback under center. That is why...
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    OT - Manning Brothers Rap Video It's for a direct TV commercial, but it's pretty funny seeing the two of them doing it.
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    Article: Whatever happens, the Bears must keep Cutler

    Because we just can't have enough Jay Cutler discussion: Have at it :jackson: