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    OT: Cam signs with Pats

    I know statistically they do not compare, but Cam reminds me of the boat Kordell Stewart was in years ago. Athletic QBs who could run that when they hit 30 just fell apart. I hope Cam can avoid Stewart's fate. He will have a great opportunity in New England to do so.
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    Will Leonard Fournette end up on the Bears?

    I don't see a scenario where Fournette can be had without giving up something of value. I expect the Bears to invest in Montgomery and hope Castillo improves the offensive line run blocking (which historically he has shown he can do). The Bears honestly do not need that much more production out...
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    Statistically, Anthony Miller can be a decent #2..

    Riddle me this. How would you personally rate a successful season for Anthony Miller? Let's say he comes close to the 800-900 yards and has 7-8 TDs. As a #2 wideout, that is pretty solid production. This means he would have to beat his yardage last year by 12 yards/game and match his TD...
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    Alex Smith Says Docs Surgically Moved His Quad Muscle Into Shin To Save Leg

    Just watched this. Totally moving and absolutely amazed that he is walking and cutting with any degree of complexity. The state of the art rehab as helped significantly. The part where he's having a group therapy session with the soldiers was my favorite part. I am glad they put that in there...
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    XFL folds. Everyone fired.

    TV Viewership is down 70% since 1980. That really is not saying much. Top Ratings Shows by Start of Each Decade since 1980: 1980: Dallas (34.5) 1990: Cheers (21.3) 2000: Survivor (17.4) 2010: American Idol (14.5) 2018: Sunday Night Football (10.9)
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    Free Agency news - 2020

    Gostkowski was cut by the Patriots. I know he's older, but it would certainly worth making a call I imagine.
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    Why aren’t we talking about Teddy?

    TB does not project much better than what he was when he was younger. He is a game manager and nothing more. There is no real reason to believe that he will excel outside the NO system. TB's interest comes from a lack of talent in the pool of potential FA and the desperation some teams have...
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    More playoff teams expected under new CBA

    Seems they are trying to create a "fix" for a shitty division winner (like an 8-8 or 7-9) so a good team does not have to sit out.
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    The OC Options

    This and it was confirmed by George. It would be a total lie to say how there is "no ego" and then create a situation where it is dominated by one ego (Nagy).
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    Danny Trevathan vs Nick Kwiatkowski

    At times, I am left to wonder what a player has to do in order to create value to some fans. Kwik has played well and should be on the team next year. He's also a guy you can put next to Roquan and would probably be willing to take a fair deal from the franchise that drafted him. However, if I...
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    Phillip Rivers done in LA?

    It is impossible task. You rate players for how they performed in the era they performed. Would those previous players be as successful in today's league with increases in speed and size? There is no guarantee that those previous players would hold up in today's NFL. That is the reality, but...
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    Phillip Rivers done in LA?

    Define "elite" and then you can establish what criteria you want to use to validate people getting into the HOF or not. Provide the litmus test that players should be rated against. They spent 15 years with their franchises. Were iron men. Have top 10 passing statistics. What more is necessary?
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    Phillip Rivers done in LA?

    Um, what? If Rivers plays one more year and hits his averages for the last 5 seasons, he will pass Marino for Touchdowns and Yards making him fourth all time. Like him or not, he threw the passes. In that regard, he is one of the greatest passing QBs of all time. He is also an iron man. He...
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    Pineiro vs Parkey

    After all the drama, kicking tryouts, game simulations, offseason debate the final stats are in for the year. 2019 Pineiro: 23-28 (82.1%). Long of 53 2018 Parkey: 23-30 (76.6%). Long of 50 Pineiro statistically had a better season. I believe he has at least earned a shot to come back next...
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    Should Nagy be fired?

    I think some Bears fans want to stick with the current team simply because the prospect of starting over seems rather disappointing. "Here we go again..." How many times do Bears fans say this phrase? The Bears were close in the Lovie era. Last year gave fans optimism. Pace, Nagy, and Mitch...