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  1. ytsejam


    How have alligators not been eaten to extinction? They are delicious!!! If I had my way, I'd eat gators every day! If it was up to me, gator meat would all be free!
  2. ytsejam

    Any of you IHN or CCS clowns taking Amtrak to STL Thursday?

    I'm likely going. Anyone else bringing bail money?
  3. ytsejam

    The Aristocrats.... Holy Talent, Batman!

    Saw The Aristocrats at Reggie's tonight. Holy holy holy shit!!! How in the fuck!?!?
  4. ytsejam

    Pain of Salvation - 9-21 @ Reggie's

    I haven't seen them live yet but I recommend going.</p> Would like to have a beer with some you.</p>  </p> I made this transition from metalhead to proghead from about 15-10 years ago.</p> Pain of Salvation was important along that journey.  Not just for the prog-METAL aspect or even the...
  5. ytsejam

    9 year old accidentally kills shooting instructor with full auto UZI Instant Darwin Award. 9 year old child + full auto = what could go wrong? Last mistake he made. Poor girl. Stupid instructor. Stupid parents?
  6. ytsejam

    Anyone been to Hawks @ Kings game?

    I was planning on trip to LA for another reason from Jan 31st to Feb 2nd, but looking at the schedule, I see the Hawks play @ Kings Feb 3rd. Are tix hard to get at staples center? Are Kings "fans" cool? How is the atmosphere? etc. Those are the questions I have. I can swing my short trip, but...
  7. ytsejam

    car stereo question

    I have a new media player head unit coming for my car. </p> This one plays FLAC files  so I figured I would re-rip all of my music (huge project) to FLAC for the higher sound quality for my higher quality sound system.</p> Full albums are coming out to ~ 500MB each.</p> That means I can...
  8. ytsejam

    Has anyone poached workers from old job(s)?

    Has anyone else poached workers from an old job? How did you feel? Great? Like an asshole? Well, I still have my awesome job I've been woo hoo'ing about for last 2 years. I used to have a similar job for much less pay at a really shitty company, but they DO have some skilled people there...
  9. ytsejam

    meet ytsejam, attend great live rock & roll....

    June 23rd, Chicago Theater. Dream Theater with special guests, Tesla. (I had no idea,Tesla was still around) Here's the deal...I ended up with 2 tickets instead of 1. I have 1 prospect in my area that may go. Would anyone here be interested in going? If my friend can't go I was thinking...
  10. ytsejam

    Oh no! Parrots kidnapped, one escapes.,0,665594.column Poor guy and his bird miss their friend. Hell, seems like much of the neighborhood misses him. I hope he turns up and the thief's bite wound develops a lethal infection.
  11. ytsejam

    The Coffee Thread

    I love coffee! I started doing my own roasting a couple of years ago in a slightly modified popcorn popper and brewing cups with my aeropress. I think I had moderate success with popcorn popper, but I think it roasted too hot, too fast. It was a pretty dark roast just after 4 minutes. That...
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    St. Louis storm picks up, tosses beer tent; 1 killed, 100 hurt

  13. ytsejam

    Atheists raising hell in my town

  14. ytsejam

    Lagunitas to open brewery in Chicago

    http://articles.chic...gunitas-brewing Hooray! More awesome fresh beer!
  15. ytsejam

    I can go back to work!

    No pain! Docs gave me okay! Work was satisfied with docs' notes! Back to work Tuesday!!! Stopped in today (well, Thursday) to bring docs' notes and see some of my people. Plant is shut down this week but some people are in for painting and inventory and such so I got to give out some...
  16. ytsejam

    Radio Thread

    I decided to put this here instead of entertainment forum since I use the radio for information rather than entertainment mostly. I will start off saying I am a nut for public radio. It is really nice to hear more than soundbytes and people yelling at me to buy cars. I like the depth they...
  17. ytsejam

    free double parrot score!

    A friend of mine called today and told me his friends have to get rid of their birds due to health problems. (feather dander or something I am guessing) They have a cockatoo (mean motherfucker if the same one I've been told about), several other parrots, and then the two my buddy thought of me...
  18. ytsejam

    A Dramatic Turn of Events

    So the new Dream Theater album that I have been anticipating comes out today. I got it Saturday and HOLY SHIT! I've given it three semi-solid listens (one was at work) and I am pleased. This album has the wonderful flow of their earlier albums. Unlike the last several, I didn't find myself...
  19. ytsejam

    Mike Mangini

    My drummer friend and fellow fan of Dream Theater called me and told me to look up some of Mangini's stuff on youtube. HO - LY SHIT!!!! I can certainly see why he got the job. edit: 1138 beats in 60 seconds!!!!!!! I was saddened by...
  20. ytsejam

    Blue Angels flight leader steps down

    Blue Angels flight leader relieved of command for flying too low Sorry, IHF, I even used a source you like. I enjoy the Blue Angels also. I recall being in Rockford a few years back for my niece's birthday when the Thunderbirds were flying (low) all over.