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  1. HeHateMe

    Hanging a heavy bag again advice

    My heavy bag was hung in my basement from the solitary steal I beam but I walked along it so how do I hang it from the joists without ****ing up my house?
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    Monday Night agains the Skins - classic trap game

    Everyone thinks this is the game that Mitch and the offence BOUNCES BACK big time (and I'm one of them) but for the past few weeks I have also been looking at this matchup as a prototypical "trap game" where Nagy decides to try out his latest creations on a bad defense and it backfires, big...
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    Imagine if Mitchell was good enough to take this next step in leadership... Just imagine if Mitchell had a deep ball and then the swagger to coach up his WRs. I really hope he has a BOUNCE BACK week on Monday.
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    @xer0h0ur L👀K at this TWEET about Ya boi Daniels (and Whitehair)

    Gotta hand it to myselve again, another Gr8 #calledit to pile on top of #calledit Mountain!
  6. HeHateMe

    Matt Nagy obviously sees Robinson as an answer. Why not Wims/Miller/Ridley?

    Robinson showing he is a #1, that much is obvious. Nagy is obviously under utilizing Miller. Passing game needs Wims and Ridley out there, less Cohen and WTF Shaheen. If Nagy can focus on matchups and stop with the B.U. stuff, I think Bears have the talents to create the mismatches - let the...
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    Game ball goes to Pagano and Buster Skrine

    Everyone wants to talk about how ballsy Fangio was at the end of the game offensively. Even with Skrine's gaffe changing momentum, what happened before that was ballsy AF by Pagano having Skrine blitz over and over again, and Buster executed beautifully. Without Nagy's dumb timeout Skrine gets...
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    🔆🔆🔆officail🔆🔆🔆Football FOODBLOGTHREAD 🐻🐻🐻VS🐎🐎🐎

    On my phone rn so making this quick Three pounds of leftover pulled pork so I'm making pork green chile verde over crispy roast potatoes. Got a jar of those hatch chile from Costco for cutting corners. Roasted some poblanos n tomatillos to round it out. That goes into a blender and then...
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    Met some IRL MEATBALLS at a kids bd party 2day

    According to them (and they weren't even boomers) mitch is trash, pace should be fired, trade Mack for a first rounder 4 a new qb. Ccs isnt as bad as that FYI.
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    Trubisky BOUNCES BACK 2mow 😎😎😎Official😎😎😎Prediction thread

    Tomorrow is Nagy's revenge game against the TRAITOR Vic Fangio where he gets to prove all the haters ( @Noonthirtyjoe ) wrong that Vic was the reason Bears had such a winning season last year. This is also Mitchell's official COMING OUT GAME where he proves all of the doubters that he is not...
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    DAYUM. Nagy getting completely destroyed on Twitter for his run game on Thursday

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    Would Mitch be better with AI?

    After watching every offensive snap again, some multiple times, it got me thinking - Mitchell might not be that smart, or smart enough, to read a defense and go through progressions. He has all the physical talent to make the ball or his body do amazing things, but his brain just isn't crisp...
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    The toughest part of this season is going to be....

    1. Making Mitch look good enough that some retarded GM trades for him. 2. Still manage to lose enough games to draft a new, good QB, and the new GM to draft him. Is Nagy capable of this? Time will tell. And 15 more games in that time.
  14. HeHateMe

    Why TF is Nagy still doing the visor thing?he

    He looks like a total jerk. He came into the stadium with a nice fedora and I was pumped up, thinking, this guy has some swag and might call an awesome game. Then next thing you know he's wearing some douchy zip up jacket made out of space age fabric and a ****ing stupid *** visor on his bald...
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    Has Nagy even considered seeing what Bray looks like with the 1s?

    In just one game we have seen what the new and improved Trubisky looks like with all of his weapons in place, a fully opened playbook, and a pleathora of built in options on each play. He looked like @CRM 114's poop when he was vegan. Let's just say that is not a good look. Matt nagy however...
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    Trubisky needs to be more like cam newton. Not the old cam newton but the new one.

    Cam managed to change his style of play completely from a hard nosed running QB into a decent passer. Mitch is playing like the old cam and that's not going to work, obviously He sucks but if he gets his CHIT together like the new Cam he could be good enough to win some games. Hey MITCH...
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    Trubisky needs to audible more.

    I think everyone can agree that the running game never got going last night and it was one of at least 7 reasons that the bears lost. Probably in the top 2 reasons at a minimum. What the **** is Nagy's problem? Who tf knows but if there's one thing I know, as a QB in his third season, Mitch...
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    Welcome back @bearsbud

    Glad to have you back on CCS (in the bears forum) I'm almost considering scrapping my whole menu plan for tonight and making Sunday Gravy on a THURSDAY Bear down! PS - I just got a haircut and am looking FASHY! 🐻⬇
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    **** OFFICIAL **** Opening Day 100 year anniversary FOOTBAW FOODBLOGTHREAD::: Bears vs. Packers Edition

    It's literally OKTOBERFEST season, FOOTBAW season and Bears/Packers week all wrapped into 2mow and Everyone is PUMPED TF UP I know I am at least. To celebrate the changing season and sort of central euro food fare that the Packers and Bears share (Brats and Polish Sausages) I'm literally 🤘...
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    Jungle juice next lvl advice

    Got a block party coming up and am being no frills but dont want to do a frat jungle juice. Any recommendations for something that could pass as a legit cocktail? I'm forgoing everclear and doing a couple 1.75 of Kirkland vodka. Adding fruit punch and sparkling waters to that and of course...