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    Maddon or the Players? Who regressed and who improved under Maddon?

    This seems to be some basic logic, but if a team fires it's manager for not getting the most out of it's players, then why does the front office want to trade away one of its core? It doesn't seem to be a logical move to blame a manager and then trade a player(s). I could understand it being...
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    You are Ryan Pace. What do you do about Kaare Vedvick?

    Kaare Vedvick is essentially being auditioned by the Ravens this preseason so he can be traded. Last preseason he was 8/9 on FG's and had 8 punts for 48 yard average. Last night he made a 55 yarder. If you are Pace, what pick do you give up to get him?
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    Coby White is the Bulls pick.

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    The Situational Hitting Problem

    The first situational hitting stat that the Cubs need to improve upon is high leverage hitting. They ranked near the bottom this year. The Cubs regular that was the worst was Schwarber hitting a dismal .044 and Happ was the best at .429. The league leader in this category was none other than...
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    What defines a bust at the QB position?

    This is not a particular discussion on Trubisky but a general discussion on what we can possibly agree on what constitutes a bust at QB. I think a few things need to be taken into consideration before even starting a discussion on who is and isn't a bust. 1) Draft status. If someone is taken...
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    Possible trade brewing at the moment

    Trent Giambrone Luis Ayala Both pulled from games today and Giambrone was giving good bye hugs in the dugout.
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    Very active Cubs Facebook group.

    I think this forum is really good and am part of a similar Facebook group that is very active. Their gameday chats are a lot of fun. I'd like to see some of the posters here post in there to make the group even better. If interested here is the link...
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    Is Houston cheating?

    This is an interesting discovery on their improved spin rates. "Every pitcher who threw a sinker gained RPM on their sinker after joining Houston. Same for sliders – the average increase on slider spin rate...
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    Addison Russell is following the same path as Kris Bryant

    What I am referring to here is their reduced K% every year. Obviously KB has much more power than Russell but they are almost identical in how they are reducing their K rates and becoming better at facing elite pitching. Russel's ISO is abnormally low this year and it seems he is hitting into...
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    Kris Bryant the contact hitter?

    His rookie year saw him strike out at a 30% rate. So far this year he has halved that and is at 15%. This has gone as a very underrated improvement and I think bodes well for hitting elite pitching in the playoffs.
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    Heyward's new "old" swing, and his contact...

    Early sample size again, but Heyward went back to his old swing he had with the Braves. SO far he has has the second highest hard contact percentage of his career. The two years he had similar hard contact was 2010 and 2012. Those years he had over 80 RBI's and averaged 23 homers, with a 5...
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    What does the Darvish signing mean after 2018?

    I hate to look past this year but the next 3 year window is quite astounding what we can do. What does the signing do for the Cubs for the next 3 years? 2018: Lester 27 Chatwood 12 Quintana 8 Hendricks 4.1 Darvish . ~ 25 assumed 2019: Lester 27 Chatwood 12 Quintana 10 team option Hendricks...
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    The 2021 season has just ended....

    Pace and Nagy are about to get contract extensions. As a fan what minimum scenario do you want this to occur? As a fan playing Ted and George what do you think their minimum scenario is? Keeping this very vague and general so people can give creative and long responses.
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    2017-2018 Free Agent Discussion thread

    Let's get it going. This is the sortable site to find your guys.
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    Is Jason Heyward untradeable?

    Why is it always assumed you can't trade his contract? Can't we eat a chunk of his salary? Don't we have the GM that once traded Carl Crawfords remaining 85 million and BEckets 31 million in one trade? He does have a full no trade clause through 2018.
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    Before Sunday I wanted Trubisky to sit the entire year, now I've changed my mind

    Right now we don't have a good receiving corps, probably the worst in the NFL. Teams are not going to respect it and this will effect Glennon as he takes a lot of sacks and can't make plays last longer with his feet. So if someone isn't open we are screwed, or Tarik Cohen will have 20 catches...
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    The NL has matched the AL's slash lines.

    This is a pretty amazing feat considering the DH. The slash line is off by 1 point in OBA and Slugging but it is damn near close. The point of this thread is to point out how this happened? Is it the emergence of super powered offensive teams like the Dodgers and Cubs? Or has pitching in the...
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    The most amazing thing about Kris Bryant....

    Is his willingness to recognize his weaknesses and attack them with vigor. I know he doesn't have the RBI and power numbers you want to see him have this year but his K rate, BB rate and ability to hit to all fields over where he was last year and the year his the most impressive thing to me...
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    Bad Luck, Soft Contact, or Target?

    I noticed something while looking at fangraphs today and saw that the majority of Cubs players are experiencing years where their BABIP is well below league average. This typically means bad luck or soft contact. But... Could it possibly be the fact that being WS champs other teams pitchers...
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    Montero DFA'd, welcome to the bigs Caritini!

    all over the news, no story needed.