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  1. WindyCity

    Kyle Long To IR 🤒🤒🤒 @novak

    He has been the worse OL I have watched in the time I have payed close attention. His play this season was unprofessional. Should never have started game this season.
  2. WindyCity

    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    What I think happens -The Bears ride with Mitch for 1 more year -Maybe a better veteran than Daniel is signed but they don’t really have the cash. -They will Draft a QB in round 5 or 6 to say they did it and take a swing. -They will double down on fixing the OL and trying to fix the offense...
  3. WindyCity

    Is Nagy a good head coach?

    Imagine if the offense was good. Imagine if we drafted Mahomes. We don’t need to imagine, just assess what is actually happening. He does not get half points for the defense he is there coach.
  4. WindyCity

    ***OFFICIAL*** REAL QB Matchup IGT - Watson vs Mahomes IGT - Texans @ Chiefs IGT

    I do not think the debate is about good or bad. It is whether he is good enough for the Bears to win a Super Bowl with. This current version is not good enough.
  5. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    The offense sucking is a serious issue. That will not change unless somehow they drop 30 on the Saints and do the same against the Chargers. My evaluations are based on the entirety of the season, but the most recent data point, the Raiders game is the most valuable as it is the most recent...
  6. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    Doesn't matter he is still responsible for his results. When you buy a house the house/owner does not tell you everything that is wrong with it, but you sure as hell are responsible for it once it is yours.
  7. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    The point is that Pace should be held to a higher standards than fans. But your constant argument is that "we all miss on players" or that "we liked the move", which is disingenuous because we operate with a fraction the information of Pace. When we miss it is largely because we lack access to...
  8. WindyCity

    What would be your choice?

    I would like Trubisky to be good with our current offensive coach.
  9. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    Rich Campbell was on the Score with Parkins and he said that 10 cannot cost Pace his job unless you are looking at a regime change. Nagy is Pace's guy and if you axe Pace you have to be prepared to axe Nagy.
  10. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    He has had 1 good game against the Packers Non-descript for 2 games Deactivated Bad He is the 8th overall pick coming off a nice rookie year. That is struggling.
  11. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    Currently Struggling Roquan 1st Trubisky 1st Miller 2nd Daniels 2nd Shaheen 2nd Say what you want but that is an issue.
  12. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    Lots to unpack here 1. I am not blaming him for 3 years of rebuild, I am blaming him in part for the regression that has taken place in YEAR 5. Regression is not an assessment of the Fox era. 2. I loved Matt Nagy. I am concerned that I was wrong. But this may amaze you. I did not get to...
  13. WindyCity

    Is Ryan Pace's seat getting warm?

    I have serious issues with a team regressing in year 5 of a GMs tenure. I also have issues with a GM who hand picks an offensive coach who cannot score more than 16 ppg. I also have a problem with a GM that trades up with "conviction" and picks a mediocre QB. Hot, no, but he should feel some...
  14. WindyCity

    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    Let Nagy scout and pick his guy.
  15. WindyCity

    In Matt Nagy era, Bears haven't lost by more than a touchdown

    They also are averaging 16 point/game. If I wanted to watch John Fox football we could have just kept him. The only difference between the 2 right now is that Nagy has way better defensive talent to work with and therefor they do not allow as many points.
  16. WindyCity

    The Tape Never Lies - Bears Get Bullied by Raiders in London

    The Bears should spend both their 2nd round picks on the OL and then throw them all in the ring and see what happens. If Massie and Leno cannot beat out rookies then cut them.
  17. WindyCity

    Long Term Solution at QB-Thread

    Just DO NOT pay Trubisky.
  18. WindyCity

    Charles Leno is officially a Dad!

    Congrats to him. Fatherhood is awesome. Now please stop sucking at football.
  19. WindyCity

    What can save our Season?

    It has been 5 games and we have seen some pretty serious flaws in this team. That tells me that many of them are not fixable. You can't say "the OL needs to play better", then why the hell did they not play better after any of the 5 embarrassing games they put on tape? The only thing that can...
  20. WindyCity

    Tyler Eifhart on trade block

    That would seem like a desperate move from a flailing team that is not close to looking like the playoff team that they were billed as. The offenses problems go beyond having another TE on IR.