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  1. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    McNeil & Parkins

    How the fuck is McNeil even on the air? Who's responsible for this shit show?! This guy is awful, and almost impossible to listen to.
  2. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Offensive line's run blocking woes... broken down by all 22 film.

    Since some of you seem to think Howard/Cohen are bad at running the football suddenly, I present you with a gift. I've noticed, that since the offseason, Harry Hiestand has made...
  3. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Cold beer

    It's fucking delicious, and awesome. Discuss :bearbang:
  4. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Good film comparison.

    Hello people, I hope you're all doing well today. I was doing a little surfing, and found a rather interesting film breakdown on the Fudgie's Jimmy Graham. While the host of this video explains that this is mostly geared toward fantasy football, he gave us consumers a good breakdown of WHY...
  5. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Not Bears related, but a good watch.

    Considering we all hate the Packers, and they get away with holding on just about every play, I thought I would share this guys fantastic breakdown. His youtube channel puts out some great stuff every week. Enjoy chaps.
  6. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    PFF scouting on Langford.

    This is obviously a repost. But, maybe just maybe, PFF was onto something in their write up on Langford's struggles.
  7. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    More PFF rankings

    This time, it's all 32 starting (or projected) secondaries
  8. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Interesting article, Bears sitting in a good spot

    Not sure if this has been seen yet, but here is a interesting link grading the front seven of every team. In Fangio we trust.....
  9. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Remember they hype!

    I'm sure this has been posted before, but I felt some people on here need a refresher as to what the Bears will be gaining on offense this year. BEAR DOWN!
  10. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Looking ahead

    I'm looking forward to all the creative ways Vic Fangio will be using his new toys to terrorize teams offenses going forward. This little link got me wondering,what kind of stuff is he coming up with?
  11. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Remaining quality Free Agents

    Like the title says. Out of the pool that is left, what FA would you like to see the Bears look at? My wish list is: Jay Howard Prince Amukamara Nick Fairley Reggie Nelson Rueben Randle.
  12. BornAnAngryBearsFan


    What will it take for the Bears to start poaching other team's practice squads for WRs? You can not continue to have your two tight ends be your primary pass catchers over the course of the season, and expect it not to bite you in the ass eventually. And how can we motivate AJ to stay out of...
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    Link plz

    I needz one!
  14. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Struggling here

    Does anyone have a link to the game?
  15. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    There is no way in this world

    That Phil Emery is NOT angry or disappointed with the defenses performance thus far under Mel Tucker. He is being completely outed by the opposing coaches gameplan, and the QB on the field. Get up in the fucking booth and get a better viewing angle! You are not getting the job done.
  16. BornAnAngryBearsFan

    Bears football and hot women

    What current or past model, actress, starlet would you like to have accompany you to a Bears game at Soldier Field? And no copping out with the GF/Wife answers. For me, I would have to say this striking young lady... :buttrock: