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  1. JTaylor072

    MACK makes Cousins 💩 himself.

    #thisSunday #MackAttack #makesempoo #stinky
  2. JTaylor072

    Will Bet HICKS Out says Hicks game time decision. Even tho this is an important game I would bet Hicks sits. Bears under Nagy and Pace have always erred in the side of caution with injuries. They take the short term pain for long term gain. Hicks will sit, but Goldman, Williams, Nichols, RRH...
  3. JTaylor072

    Bears Depth Contributed Monday Night

    Lucas III - held his own did he not? Many thought Massie’s illness could ruin the season in a previous thread. Is he a star or could he do it over multiple games or better talent - probably not, but he contributed Monday Night. Nick Williams - Sack, 1.5TFL, Redskins run game stuffed. Is this...
  4. JTaylor072

    Trubisky is GOD. Gabriel too!

    3 TDS in a half?? #mahomeslike This guy is going places! #elite 6-time SB cham
  5. JTaylor072

    Trade for Minshew!!

    Or ask Mitch to ‘Stache?!?
  6. JTaylor072

    Bears D cost us this game.

    By owning the Offense and Trubs all training camp. Left the offense out of sync. Trubs didn’t know what to do because Mack was still dancing in his head. He will recover against Denver. 30 points, 3TDs passing, one rushing and everyone is back to saying this guy and offense will be ok. 🤣
  7. JTaylor072

    Bears v Packers By Position

    QB A. Rodgers > M. Trubisky - until otherwise proven. Rodgers is top 5 and can carry his "even lesser talented" team to a W any week. Trubisky not there yet. GB + 7 RB DMC > Jones & Williams Bros - Bears backfield much more dynamic, and if Montgomery lives up to even 80% of the preseason hype...
  8. JTaylor072

    If Trevathan and Daniels Were Injured Last Night.

    Every single coach who is playing their starters in preseason should be fired! Lions losing a starting LB and OL last night for what?? 10-15 “reps” in a meaningless game? The risk is nowhere near the payoff. If the bears lost Trevathan and Daniels for week 1 even, the odds of beating the...
  9. JTaylor072

    Aaron’s Back

    This dude cannot make it thru a training camp right now.. Just don’t think he has the same staying power as Brady/Brees and will hit the end soon. He is going to be stiff and not very mobile week one. Can you see this guy getting away from Mack or a blitzing Roquan?! He knows that first week is...
  10. JTaylor072

    2019 Full Season Prediction has a nice format! AFC North - Browns - 12-4 AFC South - Colts - 12-4 AFC East - Pats - 12-4 AFC West - Chiefs - 13-3 AFC WC 1 - Chargers 12-4 AFC WC 2 - Jets 11-5 AFC WC Chargers @ Colts - Colts Jets @ Pats - Pats AFC DIV Pats @ Browns - Pats Colts @ Chiefs -...
  11. JTaylor072

    4 things that WILL happen in the draft for the Bears.

    Bears will trade down in the Third. Too many simliar talents in the 85-125 range. and they will want that extra 4th/early5th for... Their RB - same as w/ the 85-125 range, there are so many backs that are similar grades but none being for sure 3-down type backs after Jacobs this will push the...
  12. JTaylor072

    On The Clock Mock Draft - w/ Trades

    On The Clock at is a fun tool. Favorite of the few i've run so far: Settings - Random Draft Boards Used, User Voted Team Needs Bears Team Needs: OT, RB, CB, G, EDGE, S, WR Bears Trade: Rd 3 Pick 87 (155Points) Giants Trade: Rd 3 Pick 95, Rd 4 Pick 132 (160Points) Rd 3 Pick 95 OT -...
  13. JTaylor072

    Tony Romo Should Coach Defense.

    Last night Tony was legit calling exactly what the Pats would do as soon as they lined up.. he was right 95% of the time and the detail he would give was amazing. “Look, he is changing the play, they will motion right and run behind it” Boom it happens.. “Here, they have Gronk and a back in to...
  14. JTaylor072

    Introducing: Cole Tracy K LSU

    Can not afford a vet kicker with eating Parkeys contract... what round do we draft this guy??? 25 for 29 only 1 miss under 50. Does he last into later rounds of the draft?
  15. JTaylor072

    Bears move 1 spot FLEECE 49ers

    1. Josh Allen 2. Sam Darnold 3. Josh Rosen 4. Bradley Chubb 5. Baker Mayfield 6. Quenton Nelson 7. Derwin James 8. Not wanting to move far, but not wanting to take Barkley as BPA, Pace calls up Lynch and tells him to cough up a third becasue 2-3 other teams further down are offering more for...
  16. JTaylor072

    Don't Let Trubisky Become Bortles

    Striking similarities in the beginning to Trubisky from this article. How Bortles rose up the draft boards and picked 3rd ahead of other established names/QBs, had a great first preseason in Jax. How the Jags had every intention to bring him along slowly but inserted him 3 games into the...
  17. JTaylor072

    1,000 Premium Fanspeak Mocks

    1. QBs go fast most of the time top 4 gone in first round weather picking one for the Bears or not. - pick one at 3, trade back up into the first, or overdraft Kaaya/Webb/etc in the 2nd, or ride w/ a Free Agent. 2. CB value never there in 2nd, 3rd, 4th rounds. For whatever reason there always...
  18. JTaylor072

    A Truely Skilled Leader With Intangibles

    Is the key to SUCCESS at anything in life. The people in life who have studied learned and demonstrate the skills of leadership while holding the important intangibles of morality, strong work ethic, desire to serve and help others, etc etc are the most SUCCESSFUL - always progressing always...
  19. JTaylor072

    Current Draft Order: Week 5

    After Week 5: Currently tied for 2-7 with 5 others. Muuuccchhhh better! PS - seen a 2017 mock today where the Bears had #2 pick, traded it to Tenn for 9 & 11 and took Cam Robinson / Tez Tebor. Now that's how you build around Hoyer.
  20. JTaylor072

    Current Draft Order

    Bears currently tied with 12 others for the 14th pick. What QB's are good mid first round choices?