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    I Like Ross, but the Cubs need Girardi

    So the 8 hour meeting and Epstein saying experience means a lot was a smokescreen???
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    Cubs Farm System And Prospects Discussion Thread

    Heard a lot about Brennan Davis. Possibly stating CF next year?
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    I Like Ross, but the Cubs need Girardi

    Alex Rodriguez was hardly a young player when Girardi benched him. Joe quickly earned Rodriguez's respect I'm sick and tired of fans who are worried that certain overpaid Cub players who play a game for a living would have their feelings hurt if the guy in c'harge was a disciplinarian instead...
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    I Like Ross, but the Cubs need Girardi

    I assume you mean former Cub and Illinois guy Yeah, Girardi played for the Yanks also, but since he's from Peoria and played for the Cubbies, I have to think winning a WS on the North Side would be a big goal for Girardi.
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    I Like Ross, but the Cubs need Girardi

    If Grandpa had 5 years experience managing he'd be the perfect managerial candidate But Girardi is experienced, has won a WS, former Cub, Illinois guy and disciplinarian
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    Now that the season is over

    I agree with you on everything but Zobrist. I know he will be 39, but he is versitile, great clubhouse guy, good veteran prescence. Sign him for a year and keep him as long as he can hit .250
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    I Know he Will be 39 but I'd sign Zobrist for a Year in 2020

    Reading some great ideas on this site for next year...Ross or Girardi manager..moving Russell, Almora, Hamels, maybe Bryant No one seems to want Zobrist As long as his numbers warrant, Ben provides versitility, a great clubhouse manner, and a veteran presence I'd like to see him back
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    Today Confirms that Joe and Lester are Gone After this Season

    Just one fans personal opinion, CRM But if you really feel Maddon will be back next year and Lester will help this team at all in 2020 then I have a bridge in Arizona I could sell you
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    Today Confirms that Joe and Lester are Gone After this Season

    It'll come after the season
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    Today Confirms that Joe and Lester are Gone After this Season

    Today Lester showed his age and Maddon showed why he shouldn't manage the Cubs anymore This was pathetic
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    Quit Playing Games, TheoJed. Release Russell

    Russell is sent to the minors for "baseball reasons." WHY?????? Javy has played a great shortstop, Nick Hoerner will probably start at second next year Russell would be hard to trade in the off season In the interim, you can rotate Descenzo, Note and Zobrist at 2nd
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    No Excuse for Not Trading Schwarber in off Season

    Seems like the Cubs are stuck with Schwarber again this year. They wouldn't even consider trading him because he is young, didn't cost the Cubs much, etc Hope TheoJed learned from the off season and make deals after the season to make the Cubbies a great team again
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    2019 Around the NL Central Thread

    Header or Jeffries could close The Brewers might take the Central
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    How soon can Hoerner replace Russell?

    I was really happy at first that the cubs wanted to bring Russell back Not so much anymore Hoerner looks like he belongs
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    Can Zagunis make the team?

    This kid looks good. Can he make the team?
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    Brewers Sign Yindall. Time for Cubs to do SOMETHING

    It's mid January, TheoJed Just sayin'
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    How About Eliminating the All Star gAme and Giving Teams a Bye Week?

    I hate All Star games in every sports as many do. I recently read about a concept some fans have suggested-eliminate the All Star gAme and give every team a 4 to 7 day bye week at different times of the season, sort of like the NFL. I like that idea