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  1. ijustposthere

    How's my team (Non CCS League)

    Only in lunch money leagues this year, but I like getting an opinion regardless Feel free to post your teams as well. Let's make this the ***OFFICIAL*** rate my teams thread Mayfield OBJ DJ Moore Mixon Michel Ertz Melvin Gordon Tevin Coleman Corey Davis Pettis Singletary McCoy Ballage SEA D Slye
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    Any Electricians here?

    I've grown completely bored with my current job, and I have no plans of moving up, so I've decided it's time to move on. I'm trying to get into an Electricians apprenticeship, and I've been accepted to take the aptitude test. I know a couple of people that have taken it, but that was years...
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    Workout track listing

    What do you guys listen to when you work out? I'm looking for some motivating hip hop tracks for when I do cardio. I already have tracks that get me pumped when I'm lifting weights, mostly fuck you/I want to whoop your ass tracks, but I need something for cardio that makes me want to run...
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    Any audiophiles here?

    I just recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD6XX's from massdrop, a pair I've been wanting for quite a while now. Problem is, I need something to drive them. I'm pretty settled on the DarkVoice 336SE, but I need a DAC to pair it with. Just gimme some suggestions and I'll look into it...
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    Will Bears win any playoff games with Nagy?

    It's one thing to wear a beta visor when you have no hair, but the way he called plays this game was ultra-beta. You saw in the fourth how bad AR12 tore this team apart, but Nagy was settling for screens for three quarters. It looks like he inherited Andy Reid's genes on how to lose playoff...
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    E3 2018

    Feel free to add anything you guys see here. Here's the playstation e3 link.
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    Gil Brandt's greatest NFL linebackers of all time

    Six Chicago Bears on this list. I'd have put Urlacher ahead of Singletary and George though.
  8. ijustposthere

    Why not welcoming Sosa back is bullshit I do not give two shits about steroids. This summer saved baseball. One of the coolest baseball moments I witnessed. McGwire and Sosa being on the field at the same time is priceless.
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    Top Five

    Gimme your top five (or seven, or ten) favorite songs. For whatever reason. Maybe, we'll be exposed to new music. Or maybe not. Mine are songs that are great to listen to while driving, stoned, drunk, or all three. Don't drink and drive. Just to get it out of the way. Honorable mention...
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    Greatest moments in Chicago Bears History

    I watched this a shit ton when I was a kid. Grandma bought it for me from Jewel. Was happy to find it and download to the PC.
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    How do your team's look?

    I had the 5th pick in my draft. Derek Carr Amari Cooper T.Y. Hilton LeSean McCoy Doug Martin Greg Olsen Jarvis Landry Matt Stafford Paul Perkins Eddie Lacy Samaje Perine Corey Coleman Adam Thielen Blair Walsh Oakland D
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    Is Russell the most clutch player on the Cubs?

    I can't think of anyone that has bigger hits than him honestly. Next is probably Rizzo, but has anyone come through like he has in the past few years? And he brings it on both sides. I gotta say that he has to be my favorite player on this team, and many of them are very likable. I'm always...
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    Who's Giving Up?

    Post now here, so we all know who you are. Yeah, I get it, insanely high chance the Cubs are done and get to year 109 without a title, but what better way to end the drought than to do what has been done to them so many times before. Cubs may lose, but until the series is over and Cleveland is...
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    E3 2016

    Okay, first off, don't jump down my throat about being PS centric, you are all welcome to add what you want. I have a PS, so I focus on PS. That said, doesn't seem as good as last year but some interesting games coming.
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    Best. Video. Ever.
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    Holly Holm a clear fluke

    Despite what Despbro claimed, it's pretty obvious that her win against rousey was a fluke. Get her on the ground, she stands no chance. Sent from my bathroom using toilet talk
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    Fuck, I'm really pumped about this game. Game Informer has been running a month long special on it, and it's got me wanting to play the old Doom.
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    Bought Ares a Wall Calendar for 2016

    Enjoy Bud!
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    90s music thread

    Let's hear the 90s shit
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    80s music thread

    Post your 80s shit here. Let me start: