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  1. Novak

    Novaks BIGLY Bets Of The Week - Week 6

    Another week of football, another set of lines to bet. Lets recap how we did last week: CHI -5 (L) Minnesota @ NYG - Total 43.5 (UNDER) (W) LAC -6.5 (L) TB @ NO - Total 45.5 (OVER) (W) Indy +450 (W) I hit on the 2 totals, but busted on the Chicago and Chargers line bets. That 4 way parlay...
  2. Novak

    ***OFFICIAL*** REAL QB Matchup IGT - Watson vs Mahomes IGT - Texans @ Chiefs IGT

    Patrick Mahomes (112.4) and Deshaun Watson (105.4) are 1st and 2nd respectively in career passer rating all-time (min. 20 games). Their combined career passer rating of 217.8 will be the highest by opposing QBs entering a matchup in the Super Bowl era. On the season, they have a combined 22-1...
  3. Novak

    Novaks Bigly Bets Of The Week - Week 5

    4 weeks of NFL in the books boyos. Traditionally I don't do too much betting prior to week 5 or 6 as I don't think it's smart to do prior to having a decent chunk of in season data to go off of. Sports betting is obviously always gambling, but early in the season your gambling is bound to be far...
  4. Novak

    How do you cope...

    ... with watching Mahomes and Watson just be excellent week in week out? As a Bears fan, it's so disheartening watching these 2 perform at such an elite level, knowing that the Bears could have had either of these guys and just picked wrong. Chiefs are 3-0, Texans are 2-1, and both teams are...
  5. Novak

    ***OFFICIAL*** Jordan Howard vs David Montgomery official stat tracker thread

    I will use this thread to see how the 2 statistically match up against each other throughout the season. Since Monty has the handicap of playing on the same team as Kyle Long, we will adjust his total rushing yards by +10 for each game. At least until Long gets injured in ~4 weeks. I think...
  6. Novak

    Anthony Miller usage

    Last night: Anthony Miller - 15 snaps Javon Sims - 20 snaps Nagy - braneless Discuss
  7. Novak

    Debunking Meatball Myths: "The Bears are a Cold Weather Team"

    We've all heard this one, probably way more than once. "Da Baers are a cold weather team. They get off the bus running and they hit hard. They never have a QuArTeRbAcK so we grind out games and win in the COLD like real men." But how accurate is that statement? Do the Bears actually perform...
  8. Novak

    Gamers for Communism

    As a Gamer-American (Gamerican for short), you cannot possibly believe the daily struggle to simply survive in today’s P2W society. Each minute, I wonder if the McDonald’s WiFi will suddenly cut out, or be privatized, in which case I would have to bend once again to the will of society and...
  9. Novak

    Chris Long retires: What does this mean for Kyle??

    With all of Kyle Longs annual injury issues, inability to transition to the harder and more impactful o-line position (tackle), reduction in general effectiveness in his play, and now his biggest motivating factor (his brother) retiring, will we see Kyle "hang up the cleats" next season? With...
  10. Novak

    ***OFFICIAL*** CCS decides DMonty's nickname

    Wtf is wrong with you all? We have drafted a surefire 3 down rumbler and tumbler that can wiggle n burn whenevs and is already penciled in for 1200+ yards and 13 TDs, but we haven't even made a nickname thread yet? Sheesh.. how has this even happened.. So what are we calling DMonty for the...
  11. Novak


    See title, then vote in the poll. Statistically speaking, there's no chance he makes it past week 8, so i left the cutoff there. Essentially you're choosing between week 1 thru 8 for when Long will die. Not to toot my own foghorn, but i literally hit the nail on the head when we did this last...
  12. Novak

    I F***ing HATE AIRPODS!!!

    i fucking hate airpods, its so fucking annoying how i cant even fucking pair them to my fucking laptop so i can relax and binge watch some fucking tv shows. after 18 hours of my finger getting sore of pressing that shitty button on the back of the case i finally pair them only to realize their...
  13. Novak

    Unpopular opinion (apparently??) - The Bears are NOT Superbowl contenders yet.

    Sheesh, I feel like this one is going to sting more than it should, but bears fans just aren't being realistic. Truth of the matter is this: you CAN NOT call this team a "super bowl contender".. not yet, it's waaayyyy too early. But this is exactly what is plastered all over the FA thread by...
  14. Novak

    I seriously HATE Pandas!

    Pandas make me really angry. Yes it's wrong their habitat is getting destroyed but bamboo is useful as fuck and we are growing more to try and compensate. Furthermore this wouldn't be a huge issue if pandas themselves hadn't swapped to sustaining themselves on bamboo because they're lazy as...
  15. Novak

    Fangio leaving could make the Bears better - forrest through the trees edition

    With the latest news breaking that Fangio has moved on to greener orange n blue pastures, Bears faithful is seemingly spiraling into a dumpster fire of self loathing and frenzy... I'm here to let you guys know its (potentially) not all bad and to just R-E-L-A-X for a quick min while I jizz some...
  16. Novak

    The Packers could EASILY lose to us

    You all need to stop acting like this game will be a blowout loss. It is far far from that. The game could go in OUR favor for several reasons: 1. WE are coming off a seriously emotional win. Trubs was spotted crying in the dressing room after the game, with Kyle Long draped all over him...
  17. Novak

    Merry x-giving

    Merry x-giving to you and yours CCS. Hope you all have a happy and glorious x-day with the family.
  18. Novak

    ***OFFICIAL*** Bearmick vs Meatballs IGT

    This is obviously necessary Please vent your e-frustrations and talk about how upset you are at the words that total scumbag Bearmick types here.
  19. Novak

    Settings screen no longer shows "thanks"?

    Ever since the server upgrade, the settings screen only displays negs n reps, and no longer displays "thanks".. is this intentional? I miss it so much... I feel like no one is thankful for my A+ posts even tho they clearly are if I manually navigate to all my previous posts @Rush @AnthonyG
  20. Novak

    ***OFFICIAL*** QuanZell is ACTIVE today!

    OMG my favorite GOAT of all time RB is active today since Kelvin White is preparing for life after riding bench on a football team! His name is Ta`quan Mizzell, but some of you may know him better as Quanzell, or his college nickname "the african missle", but irregardlessly, dude is a straight...