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    Cam Newton trade rumors

    Remember when Bobby Portis hit Mirotic and Mirotic went All Star? We need him to do the same to Mitch. Lol. To the Oline too.
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    Can we talk about Trey Burton?

    What about Chase "I know, but cannot do" Daniel? Surely there is an equally effective, or equally ineffective backup for cheaper?
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    Can we talk about Trey Burton?

    Burton... The heart says yes. The groin says no. The mind is cowering in the corner under a blanket, scared. The pocketbook says ye hah lol.
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    Schefter on Roquan

    Maybe Roquan is a werewolf, and you know... full moon. Which is crazier, this or Burton's groin? Thank God we have Khalil.
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    Roster move?

    Let’s go full Nagy and You be You. Bring in 5 more tight ends to make it 10. Worked for the kicking, right? But yeah he might be going O line.
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    Few more thoughts about Mitch's struggles (with some hope)..

    I need my Case Keenum sucks donkey balls and is the worse ever QB ever, a la Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell. Because on Monday, it was not Mitch who was the worst. Lol.
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    Few more thoughts about Mitch's struggles (with some hope)..

    It grates my ears every time Mitch throws a bad pass or INT and the announcers go nuts, like no other QB ever has done that. Serious pile on mode. Excuse me, who and which team won the Bears/Skins game? How did Case Keenum do?
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    Three games in, which big salary cap dump players are trending?

    Chase Daniel? Can we just make him a coach and pay him less? (To groom ugh, the next QB?)
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    Is Nagy holding the offense back?

    It's been said but it's not really the scope of the plays, otherwise Chase (I know the plays better) Daniel would be the fix for that. Excuse me (lolololololol). Ahem, where were we, I would like better O-Line play and maybe switch out Taylor (fast but not really open) Gabriel for a taller...
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    Is Nagy holding the offense back?

    Release the Kraken. Throw it deep. (After side stepping the unimpeded D line guys.)
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    Eddie Pineiro

    The amped joy of the Bears players after the kick, so awesome.
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    During Patterson's big run, did you see ...

    Maybe someone had just fingered his butt.
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    Eddie Pineiro

    Chapter 1. The legend begins...
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    A telling stat for Trubisky

    Be You #33 . T-shirt anyone?
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    The stats don’t lie: Trubisky is the 2nd worst QB in the league

    Yes was thinking the same about Shaheen. Just to rehash it. He argues he caught the ball but does not move to jump on the ball after he loses possession of it (fumble). What a dumbaxx.
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    The stats don’t lie: Trubisky is the 2nd worst QB in the league
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    The stats don’t lie: Trubisky is the 2nd worst QB in the league

    That being said. Bad play calling. Bad offensive line play. Dropped passes. Midget receiver. No tight ends. (yes plural). No pass interference calls for us. Let's not run the ball. (separate from #1) Ideal circumstances for a young (or old) QB to thrive in (sarcasm). And yes, we are at 0-1...
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    Matt Nagy is his own worst enemy.

    He should have let Eddy kick the field goal. It would be 6-7 with a chance to win it at 9-7. We’ll see how it plays out. Not looking good right now, not playing live during the pre season.
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    Did the Eagles ruin kickers in Chicago Forever?

    The better question is, did that game and Parkey's kick ruin Nagy? For Nagy's first year, it was all going pretty good... until that fateful double doink. It hit him to the core. Major kick to the groin. Life altering. There is another thread suggesting a bad vibe between Nagy and...
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    "Neo" Pineiro

    Neo 15. Will sell like hot cakes.