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    Some Raider pregame talk Late sure, I been on vacation.

    1. Chicago just physically spanked the Vikes, who physically spanked us. The game’s not going to be pretty. We are going to get Bad Carr next Sunday. 2. I picked Chicago to represent the NFC in the SB before the season started. That hasn’t changed. To beat...
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    Vikings post game.

    1. That was a pitiful performance. Out prepared, out coached, out played on both sides of the ball. Hard to know where to start with detailing the shortcomings of a performance like that. The Bears where missing 3 defensive starters and there starting QB and they still made the Vikings look...
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    some reasonable Viking posts

    1. The Bear front 7 is a lot like the Raider front 7. The Bears are probably more talented overall, but it's not a huge difference. The Bears have the big bodies in the middle of the DL with good talent on the edges and a solid group of LBs led by a proven difference-maker in Mack. Like Burfict...
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    Defense question

    Why were or CBs playing so deep? I mean with our pass rush Flacco was getting rid of the ball after 2 or 3 seconds but our CBs played 10+ yard off the WRs. I did not understand the strategy there.
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    NFL football is gone

    Between the officiating and all the rules favoring the offense I think the NFL is going to go the way of the dodo bird. It's no longer a good product. The best is behind us and the future bleak. I honestly believe this will be my final season watching, If I even make it till the end of this...
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    i still believe

    I still believe Trubisky will be a top 10 qb by years end. I believe he will be our qb for 15 more years. I always thought it would take more time to get Mitch up to speed compared to other qbs we could have drafted. I may be alone on my island but I want it made clear that I still 100...
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    We need a real OC

    Nagy is not a good OC, he is a good HC and team chemistry guy but a shitty OC. We need a real OC before we ruin Trubisky forever.
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    In what area's are we better then last year and what area's are we worse then last year.

    I'll make a list but give me yours if you will. Better 1. Oline. Long healthy, C G in right positions. 2. Run game... Part of better Oline and better personal for system. 3. WR. A Rob healthier, Wimms coming on, Miller with 2 arms. 4. 2nd year in O system. Worse 1. Fangio...
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    Anyone notice

    Anyone notice there is not one writer or talking head that predicts were a SB bound team. I can't even find one that thinks we'll win our own dam division. I know I'm a homer but dam am I blind too. I see a team loaded with talent, IMO the most talent in the NFL. We are stacked on both...
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    Outside of QB, who is your breakout player or players for this year.

    Me ..... Wimms, I think he will be starting by week 8 to 10. I also think our rookie RB but he does not have to take a spot from a starter like Wimms does.
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    I did this last year but won't have time this year. Anyone want to take over?

    1. Damn Montgomery looks pretty good 2. Montgomery just moved up my draft 3. The David Montgomery show. Showed up our entire line 4. Montgomery in the 3rd round is a steal for the Bears. 5. good peanut punch by gaulden ( Peanut punch) have not heard that phrase from other fans before...
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    What are you expecting out of our division foe's

    Feels weird saying this but the race in the N is for second place and maybe a WC. MN 9-7 still cant win big games Det 8-8 better all around team but lacking in play makers GB 6-10 Rodgers goes nuts by week 8. GB hired shit coaches and Rodgers is a dick. Team turns on each other...
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    Mitch VS

    Ja 1992 Jim Harbaugh (13) / Peter Tom Willis (2) / Will Furrer (1) 1993 Jim Harbaugh (15) / Peter Tom Willis (1) 1994 Steve Walsh (11) / Erik Kramer (5) [76] 1997...
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    Who is the most talented loaded team in the NFL right now

    Looking for opinions on which team has the most talent across the board. Not top offense or top defense but as a whole, that means O + D + STs + coaching staffs.
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    rate the coaching staff

    How does this staff rate in your opinion. Rate in NFCN Rate in NFL. Just looking for opinions and will not be used against you in a court of law.
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    Has any Bear QB ever been in this good of a situaration before.

    Title asks it. I can't think of a time where we put a QB in this good of a situation before. Is this a best ever? In Chicago.
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    49ers boards.

    Sorry I missed last weeks pregame talk but I am in the middle of a move. SF fans are talking draft position more then about our game anyway. But one thing is clear even though I did not show most of them type of posts, they (most) discredit Trubisky and are negative about him. I wonder if it's...
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    So who gets the game ball for the Rams???

    Not Donald, not Gurly, not Goff. who then?
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    Rams Boards: CCS Officially on Blast (Defcon 10Gawd Edition)

    1. Game is important for the Rams to maintain hold on playoff home field, but are already assured of a playoff berth and divisional title. Game even more important for the Bears, who have wrapped up nothing and need to hold onto the division. I think the key is whether or not Mitchell Trubisky...
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    Giants forums. Looks like last years Bears forums

    1. We're going to lose. Even if Trubisky is out, I think this D is gonna wreck us and we'll see the first bad game from Barkley. 2. Yeah Khalil Mack and the rest of this defense is going to crush us. This is a game where Eli is at physical risk. This is a Super Bowl defense. We'll be lucky...