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  1. WindyCity

    Schefter: Trubisky playing today

    According to SChefter Mitch is 100% playing. Lock in 185 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT baby!
  2. WindyCity

    Thoughts and Observations: Week 5 [Raiders]

    Offense -Charles Leno has been horrendous this season. Yesterday he had 3 penalties and a sack given up, which puts him by my count at 4 sacks on the season and 8 penalties, leads the NFL, and is on pace for an incredible 13 sacks given up and 26 accepted penalties. They have no one to go to...
  3. WindyCity

    Quarter Season Mock Offseason

    I know the jokes are coming, but you clicked on this because you love them. This is a reflection of what we have seen in the first 4 weeks and some of the contracts that are coming up. 2020 Cap Space: 13 million Releases: 21.3 million saved OG Kyle Long 8.1 million CB Prince Amukamara 8...
  4. WindyCity

    Schefter on Roquan

    Was on ESPN 1000 and said that Roquan was acting erratically all week and not like himself. The car is not his.
  5. WindyCity

    Thoughts and Observations Week 4

    Offense -What the hell happened to Charles Leno, he had a very solid season last year, this year he looks soft and is getting pushed around. Yesterday, Everson Griffin ate his lunch and Leno is looking like a replaceable player. -Just run Coward at RG for the rest of the season. His...
  6. WindyCity

    Thoughts and Observations Week 3

    Thoughts and Observations Week 3 -Washington is a bad defense, but they do not have some players who can play the game, so I do not think finally getting the offense going against them is a hollow victory. -This was a much better game plan from Nagy and we started to see more WRs that were...
  7. WindyCity

    Thoughts and Observations: Week 2 Denver

    Thoughts and Observations -The run game was better, but there were 2 players that really hurt the run game. They still are way too soft coming off the ball. -Kyle Long may need glasses because he consistently misses LBs and gets stuck on his double teams. He was also struggling to move Wolfe...
  8. WindyCity

    What Should Happen if Mitch Doesn't Develop

    With mounting evidence that Mitch is not progressing to the heights that we were hoping for it is probably time to think about what the Bears should do to get out of this mess. I am not saying that they are going to dump Mitch or that they should flush him, I am saying a plan should be put in...
  9. WindyCity

    Thoughts and Observations Week 1

    Some Thoughts -Matt Nagy was horrendous last night. He got way too cute, did not run the ball, called stupid plays in key situations, and failed to really effectively get the offense in any type of rythem. Super disappointing for the coach of the year to have this performance on the national...
  10. WindyCity

    Alex Bars Breakdown

    I charted Alex Bars at LT in the 2nd half. I had him on the field for 27 snaps. 9 runs and 18 passes. Runs: 9 total, 3 negative, 4 positive. -He got caught by the increased speed of the guy across from him. -He has natural power and size so on a couple down blocks he was really moving guys...
  11. WindyCity

    Pre-Season Week 3: Thoughts and Observations

    -Lets start with the most obvious and important result of last night. Eddie Piniero going 5/5 with a crushed 58 yarder was the single biggest thing to happen in that game and a star QB retired at halftime. I wanted Nagy to send him out again from 56, but I started to realize that this needed to...
  12. WindyCity

    Roster Projection: CB, S

    CB: Fuller, Prince, Skrine, Franklin, Shelley, Tolliver Franklin has looked very good in camp and in the preseason game, Shelley has been praised throughout the offseason, and Tolliver has flashed. This is a young deep group and with Prince possibly being a cap cut in 2020 the development of...
  13. WindyCity

    Roster Projection: DL, OLB, ILB

    DL [6]: Hicks, Goldman, Nichols, RRH, Bullard, Williams This is pretty much chalk. I do not see much value in cutting Bullard as he does provide good run reps. Williams may get the boot, but they seem to like him and with RRH kicking outside to rush in the 4 man front I think they can afford to...
  14. WindyCity

    Roster Projection: OL, TE

    TE [4]: Burton, Shaheen, Braunecker, Bunting I think the final roster spot comes down to Bunting and Sowell. I think you need to keep Bunting, he may actually become a complete TE and he is clearly a value in the passing game already. I think the Bears will keep Bunting, maybe try and PR him...
  15. WindyCity

    Roster Projection: QB, RB, WR

    I think we can start some threads to discuss individual position groups and how things are shaping up. QB [2]: Trubisky, Daniel This is pretty much chalk with last year and Bray being tossed on the PR. I think this may be the last year for Bray, it may be time to bring in a developmental QB to...
  16. WindyCity

    Thoughts and Observations: Preseason Week 1

    Offense -Mike Davis looked like a solid NFL RB, I would have liked to see him targeted in the passing game, but you cannot control everything. The runs he was stuffed it looked like nothing was there. -David Montgomery has me very interested and I say that as someone who was a skeptic. His...
  17. WindyCity

    Early Returns for the Rookie Class

    Listening to the Hoge and Jahns podcast this week and they have Kevin Fishbain on, and all 3 were effusive in their praise for the early returns on the rookie class. Montgomery, all 3 agreed that he flashes like Tarik Cohen did a couple of years ago and that some of the moves and cuts that he...
  18. WindyCity

    Pre snap reads: Trubisky analysis I actually think this is the analysis that hits the Trubisky analysis on the head. Synopsis: His good moments are great/special His bad moments are brutal There was little in between last season In 2019 he will either be bad...
  19. WindyCity

    Post Draft Cap Situation

    I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the Bears cap situation now that the draft has passed and looking at possible extensions and the 2020 outlook. 2019: 17 million 2020 Cap Space: -1.5 million [after the Floyd option year pick up] This is obviously not a great cap situation...
  20. WindyCity

    7[238] Bears draft CB Stephen Denmark

    Looks like a safety. 6'3" 220lbs, 4.46 [40]