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  1. run and shoot

    Hub Arkush & Laurence Holmes podcast-Kaepernick

    Sports Talk Live Podcast: Bears not attending Hub Arkush, David Schuster and Patrick Finley join Laurence Holmes on the panel. And give some really good commetary on this Kap workout situation. It's about 10-15 minutes
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    Charles Rogers has passed

    Former MSU football player Charles Rogers has died There is no official word of what led to his death, however, there are reports Rogers was in hospice due organ failure. Stay with News 10 as we continue to follow this breaking news story.
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    Mitchell Trubisky 'ratted himself out'

    I don't know what to think about this........ it's only 3min.
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    Qb talk and threads..... the April 2017 draft

    A LOOK BACK.......... McShay Mock 2.0 (Watson 2, Trub 12, no Kizer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bucky Brooks On Early Entrants Deshaun Watson, Clemson, QB: The two-time Heisman Trophy finalist put the finishing touches on an...
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    Brock Osweiler retires

    More info. below if anyone cares
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    Three Coaches Most Likely Fired After Jay Gruden

    Three NFL Coaches Most Likely to Be Fired After Jay Gruden See what Bruce Allen had to say I never cared for jay gruden
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    Cutler deserves higher ranking Bears Top 100 ?

    Jay Cutler deserves a higher ranking on Bears Top 100 list (click to see article and discuss) Here's what one fan said in the comments DC May 27, 2019 at 1:44 AM Terrible take. 8 seasons with garbage stats considering the pass happy offenses of the 2000s. You...
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    Kudos on the Moon comments!

    I didn't want this to go UN-noticed. Thanks for not being afraid to have a tough discussion on this situation. You've brought up some very valid points.
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    OT: Pep Hamilton named HC for XFL’s D.C. franchise

    Former Bears Qb coach Pep Hamilton named head coach and general manager of XFL’s D.C. franchise “I’ve always approached the game the same way,” Hamilton said. “I have the utmost respect for preparation. Over the last 20 years I’ve gained a lot of experience from the coaches I’ve been around...
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    Robin Leach RIP

    Did anyone know....he passed away in August...
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    Bills' Incognito: 'I'm done

    Bills' Incognito: 'I'm done ... The stress is killing me' "He was out of football in 2014 after being suspended by the Miami Dolphins in 2013 as part of a bullying scandal." Oh the...
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    Here's our problem moving forward

    I said this last pre- season. Some said[I] ' it's just pre- season. '[/I ]And it carried over into the regular season. We aren't scoring points. This has and will continue to hurt us moving forward
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    Now is the time for a Qb .....

    COMPETITION, Lets find out who deserves to be the stater. I don't like the pick at #2 ( shoulda' been Watsin), however, my thought is lets put the best Qb on the field
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    How do u guys feel about a Qb being........

    handed the starting job without competing for it. It's seems like we always do this while making other positions compete.
  15. run and shoot

    .....from a time when teams FEARED us

    It's been a long week, so I thought some of you might wanna see a small part of what we use to be. Yeah I know it's illegal but it's still fun to watch. Enjoy TURN DOWN THE MUSIC
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    Mike Zimmer says...Bradford "the starter" 2017?

    Mike Zimmer says Sam Bradford has ‘earned the right’ to be Vikings’ QB...
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    what was Pace thinking......

    Inside the Huddle: Bears shouldn’t regret passing on Dak Prescott
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    John Saunders, on-air face of ESPN has passed

    John Saunders, a longtime familiar on-air face of ESPN for nearly 30 years, has died at the age of 61...
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    Broncos or Panthers: Which defense would you take in Super Bowl 50?

    I'm going with Rivera. He brings ppl. from every where like his mentor Buddy Ryan use to do
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    OT: The HC hirings- Your thougts?

    Ranking each NFL off-season coaching hires I think the Titans really crapped in the bed with the retention of Mike Mularkey. I mean whats he done to deserve being the HC. Hell they went 2-7 with this guy Not sure about . Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles: either. What they say about Gase...