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  1. Madden

    Kirk Cousins is NOW 0-8 on MNF

    Mitch gettin ready for epic Bears run to the playoffs
  2. Madden

    Nick Foles benched

    I'd like him as a backup over Chase for next year. Then draft a QB as well. Don't see us getting rid of Mitch yet. Keep 3 QB's and have them battle it out. 1. Trubisky 2. Foles 3. Best QB we can draft in the 2nd round
  3. Madden

    Adam Shaheen to IR!!!!!

    He's the clumsiest and least agile player I've ever seen. We'll always have those multiple times he tripped over himself to look back fondly on. I think TE's are a huge risk to draft anywhere before the 4th round. Even the good ones usually take a couple years to get into a groove so you're...
  4. Madden

    Trubisky will throw 3+ TDs and run 50+ yards against the Cowboys

    I wish but I'm not seeing it. Mitch really only performs against bad teams. 9 of his 13 TD's have come against the Lions and Redskins. Cowboys defense ranked 8th in passing yards allowed so fully expecting Mitch to revert back into his sucky ways against decent teams. 0 to 1 TD, 175 yards is...
  5. Madden

    Watson is carving the Patriots up

    Good QB's can step up against tough defenses. Digging into the stats, you can see that Mitch only really does well against the bottom teams. That's a red flag and a sign that he's not great. Trubisky Total TD's this year = 13 9 - against the Lions, Lions, and Redskins 4 - against the Packers...
  6. Madden

    The Matt Nagy Ruined Mitch Thread

    The whole offense is embarrassingly bad and that's on Nagy. No identity, no purpose to any of his calls. Constantly going back to what has failed and away from what works. Killing momentum with his 3rd and 1 shotgun calls. Coaching not to lose instead of to win. Also Mitch is below average so...
  7. Madden

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (Lions, Camgirls and Bears...Oh MY! Edition)

    Weak playcall, go for the win and pass
  8. Madden

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (Lions, Camgirls and Bears...Oh MY! Edition)

    Throw it away or run Trubisky, so indecisive
  9. Madden

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (Lions, Camgirls and Bears...Oh MY! Edition)

    Late slide, that flag was bs. Fuller can't stop in midair
  10. Madden

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (Lions, Camgirls and Bears...Oh MY! Edition)

    Does Trubisky practice throwing the ball at all? Set up some targets in practice and various depths, don't let him leave until he can hit them 10 times in a row.
  11. Madden

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears vs Lions (Lions, Camgirls and Bears...Oh MY! Edition)

    WTF are you doing Nagy?!? Just wanted to get that out of the way now since I'll be thinking it at some point during the game
  12. Madden

    Tape Never Lies - Week 9

    The offense running through Cohen is a joke and symbolizes everything wrong with the offense. Trying to outsmart NFL defenses with misdirection/speed with our smallest player. Cohen is a gadget player and decent punt returner. He should be sprinkled in, not the focal point. 2nd on the team in...
  13. Madden

    Mitch is scared of TVs in Hallas Hall

    Mitch at Halas Hall this morning
  14. Madden

    Cody Whitehair back at Center

    Finally, it only took half the fucking season. I've been saying the whole time that the Daniels/Whitehair switch was the beginning of the downfall of the o-line and entire team. It affected the running game, playcalling, and Mitch. Throughout Bears history, every single time the Bears have tried...
  15. Madden

    Mack cheap ? or pissed off.

    I heard when kids rang his doorbell he sprinted out in full bears gear and just leveled them. Several kids died.
  16. Madden

    Former Bears QBs You'd Rather Have Than Mitch

    Kyle Orton He wasn't flashy but was nice and solid and limited turnovers. He also improved as his career progressed. He'd probably do well in Nagy's system
  17. Madden

    ***OFFICIAL*** IGT: Bears @ Eagles (Double Doink Discount Edition)

    This is the day it all turns around and MVP Mitch takes control Trubisky 32/35 350 yards 4TD's 69 rushing yards Bears 31 Eagles 20
  18. Madden

    Trade News

    I still can't believe Pace didn't trade Long before this year. It was so obvious he was gonna decline after multiple surgeries. I think we could've tricked a team into giving us a 6th - 7th rounder, based on his name, former pro bowls, and being a former 1st rounder. I mean before this year he...