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  1. Enasic

    If the Bears fire Helfrich/Hiestand....

    Assume the Bears deposit these guys in the trash can, who are the upgrades that would want to come here? Do OCs want to work with Nagy and not call plays? Or join the staff of someone whose offense looked like an NCAA team going against the pros? OL might be an easier hire, but no matter what...
  2. Enasic

    Bilal Nichols

    He flashed last season. Does he propel himself into starter/core player or is he just another guy? With all the pieces around him, I think he could really do well. He seems to be on the upward projectory. What you think?
  3. Enasic

    Allen Robinson

    This is a pivotal year for him. He had an elite season during his 2nd year, but since then his production has been good - not great - and affected by injuries. He has a major chance to breakout this year. Fully recovered from his ACL, supposedly better chemistry with Mako, and the clear #1 in...
  4. Enasic

    Gonna beef up the home security

    So had a near break in experience last night...gonna get a security system and a firearm. Any suggestions?
  5. Enasic

    Does Mack start week 1?

    So Roquan actually had part of training camp and the Bears didn't even play him in the pre-season in a limited role...and he still had ham string tightness....I know Mack is a beast and I'm sure in great shape, but football shape is different. Then you take into account the picks and money the...
  6. Enasic

    Fuck the division among the fan base....let's simplify the question

    We all know fans have a difference in opinion on how to approach the QB situation. Whether to draft one at #3, trade up into the 1st round, trade for JG/McKrakken, make a run at Taylor if he becomes available etc..... There's been months of this shit going on and quite frankly, it's fucking...
  7. Enasic

    Potential Interesting Cuts

    Any interesting possibilities out there? I heard Jairus Byrd's name thrown out there. Verner from TB is another one.
  8. Enasic

    Enasic's cant' go to sleep so he'll mock it like Mayock, mock

    #1 Tennessee Titans: Myles Jack LB #2 Cleveland Browns: Carson Wentz QB #3 San Diego Chargers: Jalen Ramsey S/CB #4 Dallas Cowboys: Joey Bosa DE #5 Jacksonville Jaguars: DeForest Buckner DE #6 Baltimore Ravens: Laremy Tunsil OT #7 San Fran: Jared Goff QB #8 Philadelphia Eages: Ezekial...
  9. Enasic

    Enasic's first ever CCS mock

    I believe Pace is going to be very aggressive in the draft, whether trading up or down. In a continued theme of stock piling picks, the Bears trade #11 to the Jets for the #20 and a 2nd rounder. #20 - Leonard Floyd OLB I was tempted to go CB or DL here, but Leonard Floyd could become a...