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  1. Madden

    Lions vs Packers MNF

    Game thread for anyone watching the game tonight. I'm hoping the Lions win so we're only one game behind the Lions and Packers. Will also be a nice preview as to what we'll be up against next week against Green Bay.
  2. Madden

    Trade up and trade downs - 2017 NFL Draft Value Chart

    Here's the Draft Value Chart for the 2017 draft. This is the infamous one created by Jimmy Johnson and updated to include compensatory picks - which are now tradeable for the first time this year. This will give you an idea as to what extra draft picks we can get if we trade down - or what...
  3. Madden

    Undrafted Free Agents

    Now that the draft is over, what undrafted free agents would you like to see the Bears bring in?
  4. Madden

    Bears vs Saints - Predict the Score

    What do you think tonight's final score will be? I'm gonna go with Saints - 31 Bears - 20
  5. Madden


    Is there any reason why he's still our Special Teams coach? We are horrible at returns and can't stop returns. This is an obvious weak spot and I guarantee you it will cost us wins if we don't do something SOON. Are there any other options?
  6. Madden

    What new innovative plays will Trestman come up with this year?

    Last year we had the Alshon reverse that he liked to go to that had pretty good success. While not exactly groundbreaking, I would say it was his signature "non-standard" playcall from last year. At least his most memorable that seemed to work most of the time. I'm kind of surprised we didn't...
  7. Madden

    What's wrong with Conte?

    Honestly, he is drastically worse than I've ever seen him. He got burned twice on TD's (the fade route in the endzone when he had to run and cover his man at the last second, and the bomb where he just kind of ran into the WR and then fell down, and possibly more times that i'm forgetting) Is...
  8. Madden

    Squib kick at the end of the game

    Ten seconds left in the game. Up by one. Minnesota has all 3 timeouts left. And we squib kick it? Anyone else not like this decision? I see teams do it all the time and it makes no sense. All they need to do is get within FG range and by squibbing it we not only give them field position, but it...
  9. Madden

    What are your thoughts on Josh McCown this preseason?

    Has anyone else been unimpressed by Josh McCown this preseason? He looks lost and isn't really giving me confidence as being our #2. Too many short dump offs and not a good completion percentage. I'm not sure if it's the new system or what but something seems off about him. I actually thought...