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  1. WookieOnRitalin

    Pineiro vs Parkey

    After all the drama, kicking tryouts, game simulations, offseason debate the final stats are in for the year. 2019 Pineiro: 23-28 (82.1%). Long of 53 2018 Parkey: 23-30 (76.6%). Long of 50 Pineiro statistically had a better season. I believe he has at least earned a shot to come back next...
  2. WookieOnRitalin

    Our Stout Secondary

    How do we feel about the secondary? Everyone talks about the front seven, but I would like to give pause for a moment to talk about the secondary as a unit. Donatell has done a great job with this group. Obviously, their job is made easier by a consistent pass rush, but the secondary still has...