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    Nagy may be hated right now

    But he has yet to have a losing season...
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    Pressure is on the Bears now

    Whole NFCN won. The Bears need to do the same to keep up. If they lose, I'm afraid that they may get left behind this season. All the other teams are looking pretty tough. Even Detroit :sick:
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    Let's put the blame where it really belongs

    Mike Ditka and McDonald's. Ditka takes off the Packers sweater and the Bears start losing and now the Packers are winning.
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    Championship game. Which defense to start?

    Detroit vs Chicago or Green Bay vs Tampa?
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    As of right now

    The Blackhawks have more wins this year at Soldier Field than the Bears do :crying:
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    Can someone please explain this to me

    So Bennett makes a catch and it is called a touchdown which causes us to bring out our extra point team. After reviewing it, it is found he was out of bounds and is down at the 1/2 yard line. So why are we, in essence, penalized for this by either having to take a 10 second runoff of the clock...
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    Black Bears Jersey

    I have seen quite a few people wearing a black jersey with black numbers outlined in white. Does anyone know where these are being sold? For some reason, I can't find them anywhere. Thanks.
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    New to these boards. Hello everyone.

    Hi everyone. I am new to these boards. Signed up about a week ago. Was on the CBMB for many years but didn't post to often. I am a lurker. I like to read but don't usually say much unless I feel the urge to =) I was bearsforever there as well. As to how I became a Bears fan and when...well, I...